Still having problems connecting to ELITE? Well, it appears that Activision and Beachhead, developers of the service have finally announced a patch timeline, stating that the service should once again be fully functional by December 1st.

Despite good feedback with the closed beta of ELITE, Beachhead and Activision did not expect the inevitable flood of players using the site upon the release of Modern Warfare 3, causing the servers to essentially keel over and die.


ELITE's servers were flooded by high demand, due millions of fans eager to use the service.

For anyone not already aware of how Activision are handling damage limitations, anyone already with a subscription will be compensated with one month's extra membership, meaning that their subscription will most likely carry over into the launch period for next year's game also.

All of the above comes on top of an earlier statement from one of ELITE's tweets which suggested that there might be a chance ELITE may never be available for PC, which was quickly picked up by an angry community, forcing Activision to release a statement saying they had misspoken. Despite this blunder by the Twitter user, no date has been announced for ELITE's release on PC as of yet.


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  2. 1UP - Call of Duty Elite Founders Get a Free Month for Their Troubles

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