Most of us know Retaliation doesn't exist, and whilst Treyarch did state at one point they'd like to bring out a fourth DLC pack, it's not Retaliation. For anyone who still believes a map pack named Retaliation exists, it does not. Retaliation is the file name for the Escalation DLC pack.

You should all know I'm referring to the blogs about Retaliation. It's not fair on people who don't know about any new DLC packs to make them believe Retaliation actually exists. I'm talking about blogs like this which just keep this rumor going and going.


And if you think that's just related to blogs, you're wrong. Look at the deletion log for Retaliation. We had to protect it from being created just to prevent the page being created again.

Quarantine is not a confirmed zombie map either.

So yeah, enough of this Retaliation nonsense. If I see anyone who makes a blog or page about Retaliation again, I will ban them for 3 days. Consider this a blanket warning. Remember, us bronies always have an eye on recent changes... Smuff[citation provided] 15:23, July 21, 2011 (UTC)

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