Despite the earlier project already raising $25,025 of its sought-after total of $325,000 from 784 different backers, Police Warfare developer Elastic Games has chosen to shut down the Kickstarter project, leaving behind the following message on the news feed.

"Thank you so much for the incredible response to the game. We’re shutting down the Kickstarter account, but this is by no means the end of Police Warfare. News will be coming.”

While it's unknown what's going to be in the next Call of Duty iteration (most likely Black Ops 2), according to YouTuber FPSRussia one of the featured killstreaks is to be a controllable "quadrotor UAV" with a gun attached to it. Details, however, are very sketchy, and there's no indication as to how it might handle in-game. It's also not real, if you haven't already figured that out.

A picture in the recent Black Ops 2 intel drop by Treyarch presents a device eerily similar to the "quadrotor UAV" that FPSRussia demonstrates. Make of it what you will (enhanced below).

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