Just a quick reminder; a lot of people are commenting on articles that certain guns from MW3 uses the same pickup icon as their equivalent from MW2 or MW. Whilst this may be the case, remember that the game still has 5 months until release; these may probably just be placeholders. Take the M4A1 for example; they still have to make a third person model for it, hence the gun looks like the MW2 version in 3rd person.

The MW2 M4A1 will not be the same as the MW3 M4A1

Whilst this probably doesn't matter to many of you, please don't just look down on the game because a lot of the weapons looks similar to those in MW2; either they're the same because they're simply just placeholders or to retain their similarity to help keep the momentum of the story between the two games. (The time difference between Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare 3 is two hours, keeping guns in line will keep the story consistent). Also, if you're not impressed, don't go ruining it for others in blogs. The odds are there'll be more people excited for MW3 than people who aren't.

Smuff[citation provided]

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