A new Barebones playlist has been released under the name of Competition for Call of Duty: Black Ops.[1] Competition it similar to Team Tactical, but being a barebones gamemode, several aspects of gameplay have been removed:

  • No equipment or killstreaks can be used in this gamemode.
  • The perks Warlord, Flak Jacket and Second Chance cannot be used. Using these perks on a class while playing will result in the player essentially having no perk in the used slot. Thus, going into a match with Flack Jacket, Second Chance and Warlord would be the equivalent of going in with no perks at all.
  • Any kind of launcher such as a Grenade Launcher, RPG-7, M72 LAW etc. cannot be used. Again, using these essentially voids whatever slot they take up.
  • Nova Gas and Decoys cannot be used, using either will void the secondary grenade slot.
  • The Rapid Fire, Grenade Launcher and Flamethrower attachments cannot be used. Using these will result on the gun having having no attachment.

So, using Flak Jacket, Warlord, Second Chance, a China Lake, Nova Gas and a Grenade Launcher attachment is in short a very bad idea for people who want to play this gamemode. The map choice is also more limited here, whilst players are still allowed to vote, only maps deemed "competitive" can be played.

But have no fear Call of Duty Wiki Nation, for if you want to learn for yourself, here is the interview for you to watch in glorious 720p!


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