On top of the addition of two news maps (information further down), Patch 1.10 is now out on Playstation 3 and makes some significant changes:

  • Support for new maps.
  • 5 new prestige levels.
  • The ability to view clan levels on your playercard when enlisted in an ELITE clan.
  • Removing a glitch where destroying your own Trophy System would count towards SitRep Pro.
  • New county flags for Clan Titles.
  • Additional network optimization.
  • Additional ELITE push to game CAC validation. (Nope, we don't have a clue either.)
  • Support for Elite Clan features and other future features.
  • Fixed Private Message issue where failed invites were preventing large groups from congregating.
  • Repair of writing of the game's played field for player stats so the support team can sweep the LBS and correct averages on the backend.

The two maps Liberation and Piazza are now out on Playstation 3 for ELITE subscribers, one month after release on Xbox Live. For anyone not already sure on how to download the maps, a video can be found below:

Call of Duty ELITE - How to Download Premium Content02:42

Call of Duty ELITE - How to Download Premium Content

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