A new job listing has appeared on Sledgehammer Games' application site, confirming the development of another Call of Duty title, presumably the for the franchise's 2013 release.

The job ad, which is posted on Activision's recruitment website, states that Sledgehammer is looking for a Senior FX Artist to help "create the most exceptional real-time effects with hyper realism for [its] next Call of Duty game." Sledgehammer making another entry into the series isn't any surprise, last year Sledgehammer boss Glen Schofield was quoted saying he'd happily make "at least one more first-person shooter", adding that he would "definitely, 100% work with Infinity Ward again".

Sledgehammer Games worked with Infinity Ward to create Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Unlike Infinity Ward's earlier job application requests however, which looked for people interested on working with NextGen consoles and an entirely new engine, Sledgehammer's ad also asked that the candidate has, "at least 5 years of current-gen visual effects development on console hardware, solid professional experience and knowledge of the limitations and performance of current generation hardware (360, PS3)," indeed suggesting that the game may be intended for current-generation consoles.

So, does this mean Infinity Ward could be working on the NextGen title while Sledgehammer dedicate part of the team to work on a port for current consoles? Or could Sledgehammer be working on a wholly independent title for themselves? Let us know in the comments below.

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