WARNING: This blog is not for Treyarch fanboys.

Before anyone complains about the title of this blog, I'm using this in a descriptive term. Literally. As you all know, I am not an advocate of Treyarch by any stretch of the imagination. So, on January 4th, David Vonderhaar over his Twitter account DavidVonderhaar made some very... interesting comments about Modern Warfare 3.


You can essentially sum up his twitter conversations as "Herp derp Infinity Ward undid our work to make perks suck and make guns kill in a brief period of time!!11!1 Q_Q" And how the hell can Vondehaar, of all people, talk about gun balance when there's guns with a TTK easily comparable in Modern Warfare 3. (i.e. Stoner 63, Famas and AUG.) And he's clearly only defending Assassin because Treyarch put Ghost in the Tier 1 slot with no other competitive perks.

Now naturally I'm only showing you what he actually said rather than the full conversations since this is only a quick blog. Now I'm sorry, but considering Robert Bowling (fourzerotwo) doesn't bitch about Black Ops (and all the problems with that game) and that Treyarch use an engine Infinity Ward designed, how the hell can he justify bitching about a game that outsold his by miles. I mean really, does everyone see now why I see Treyarch as a dbag developer?

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