Disclaimer:This is an opinion by one user and only one. This does not reflect the opinions of anyone else (be it other users, staff, and so on).

As most people may know the COD: Leak policy is around due to a complaint by Activision due to illegally leaked information being put into articles before the release of MW2 and wanted all leak info gone and "believe it violates their copyrights" as said by a user named Angela. But what about our copyrights? Where did that go? Now I know what you may be thinking, why the hell is a guy who may occasionally bitch about the anachronistic weapons of Black Ops or frequently says that he wants IRL on pages suddenly cares about this one policy. I will tell you why. Do you see any other wiki out there getting problems like this? NO. Has anybody even seen this complaint? That I am not sure about. Plus if if Wikia was faced with a lawsuit a company who makes billions of dollars a years (or hell even months) has dream team of lawyers but unfortunately so does Activison due the the Call of Duty series, other hit games, and even more games that are on the way this year. Also the companies are not the only ones suffering it the readers of the pages. But denying such leaked info to be document on the only Call of Duty Wiki out there the reader is not getting the full details they could get and also most people would rather come here for news on the next COD games rather than sites like IGN surprisingly enough. Do you want proof on what I just said well one example would be a section named "XM-8 Confirmed" of talk page for the Unknown Rifle.User:AndImBatman has stated that the XM8 was confirmed via a youtube video. But as stater by a used known as Qw3rty! stated "But its leaked, so cod4 says we cant add it.""

tl;dr version: Should the Leak policy be retired due to causing loss of information on the COD wikia? You decide.

Until then take care of yourselves and each other -- Snipergod.

Note: All user mentioned and/or named on this article are in no way affiliated with the author or opinions and apologize for any inconveniences or wrong information.

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