As some may know I have mentioned the idea of a MP only COD (love it or hate it hear me out). As I thought about it even more it came to me: why not have third party factions along with well known COD factions like the Spetznaz or TF141! However such a big idea will be tough to face alone. So I was hoping some of you guys could give me hand in some team ideas and such.

Areas where help will be needed include:

  • Someone good at photoshop to design faction logos.
  • A dialog writer for faction announcers. I can help out in this area but two is always better than one.

More positions may be added later.

Also as long as I am on the subject of factions from other games if you a good idea for a faction please place the name of the faction and what game they are from. You can also place ideas for real life factions if you want.

Oh and one more thing please do not place weapon or killstreak ideas here as I may create a different blog post for them if this one gets a good reaction.

If you hate the idea then good for you but no need to be harsh about it .

Snipergod 03:00, June 14, 2012 (UTC)

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