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To kill a helicopter

Soap25 August 5, 2012 User blog:Soap25

To kill a Helicopter.

  1. ==first of you might want to buy a sniper if you wanna kill a helicopter or MK14==
  2. Why buy a sniper rifle if you can buy a machine gun.. why you want to buy a sniper rifle? first if you are an expert on sniping you can pick a right spot to do the shooting.
  3. Second you might want to shoot the glass of the helicopter(not the helicopter that drop juggs that wont work)
  4. and if you hear the sound iiiiinnngggg dont shoot stay on cover cause that is when the copper shoots the bugging noisy mini gun.
  5. machine gun do work to take down a helicopter. aim and shoot randomly around the the helicopter. cause sometime if you shoot randomly you'll get a jack pot which means(you'll hot the AKA the pilot to)
  6. or you to want to use a predetor misssile. but it waste money...

​so thats it I hope this tip works..

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