M1 Irons

The new M1 Irons weapon will release for XBOX One and XBOX 360 on May 5th. As for PSN and PC it is "coming soon".

"Starting Tuesday, May 5, we’re introducing the new M1 Irons to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on Xbox One and Xbox 360 (Coming soon to PSN/PC). This new pistol is our gift as a thank you for the continued support of Advanced Warfare throughout this year’s season of content. It will be available in your create-a-class and ready to hit the firing range starting immediately. The M1 Irons revolver not only packs a punch, but has excellent mobility and range. As with all weapons in Advanced Warfare, the M1 Irons has a full suite of loot variants available through Supply Drops, and Advanced Supply Drops. We’re excited for you to try it out and have as much fun as we’ve had making it. Be sure to share some gameplay using the hashtag #M1IRONS over social tomorrow. We’ll be sharing our favorites."
— Sledgehammer Games Official Site

M1 Irons Variants

Sledgehammer Games have also provided images for some of the variants on the site.


"The M1 Irons – Gunslinger not only looks incredible, but also gives you the Akimbo attachment for the weapon without cost to your Pick 13."
— Sledgehammer Games Official Site


"M1 Irons – Sundown. This variant extends your range allowing for long distance takedowns, but at the cost of slightly slower movement speed."
— Sledgehammer Games Official Site

Unforgiving Truth

"The M1 Irons – Unforgiving Truth has some all-around changes, which allow the player to go on longer streaks while looking like a bad ass."
— Sledgehammer Games Official Site
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