The next biggest patch for Advanced Warfare for PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One has finally released today whilst PS3 and PS4 are still in the waiting line.

DLC 1 Havoc New Content [PC]

  • New Maps Added for Multiplayer and Exo Survival: Drift, Urban, Core, and Sideshow.
  • New Mode Added: Exo Zombies.
  • New Weapon Added: AE4, and 10 of the AE4 variants have been added to the loot pool.
  • Added DLC playlists; HAVOC TDM and HAVOC Mosh Pit.
  • Added the Havoc DLC maps to the map rotation in the Hardcore Mosh Pit playlist.

In-Game Updates

  • Full Royalty Character Loot Set unlocked.
  • Connectivity Optimizations
  • Connectivity and matchmaking improvements when in a party.
  • Added 15 Master Prestige ranks and Grand Master Prestige.
  • Added 15 more Daily Supply Drop Challenges.
  • Fixed a rare issue where players were not able to spawn into the game.
  • Fixed the sound of the SAC3 with the Suppressor Attachment to not play in stereo to all players on the map.
  • Fixed a rare issue where players would spawn without a gun.
  • Players will now be shown a “Player does not own the map pack” message when a player without the Havoc DLC joins their party.
  • Added the ability for purchased Create-A-Class slots to appear in Private Matches.
  • [Xbox One] Connectivity improvement to Xbox Live servers when returning from Energy-Saving mode.
  • [Xbox One, Xbox 360] Fixed a rare crash issue with signing out with one player while split screen.
  • [Xbox 360] Reduced the max number of players in a Private Match to 10.

Weapon Balancing Updates (Note: Adjustments affect base weapon and all loot variants)

  • Heavy weapons: increase player movement speed by 5%
  • Corrected scopes on the AE4.
  • MK14 - reduced recoil
  • ARX160 - increased magazine size
  • AMR9 - increased damage, decreased time between bursts
  • SN6 - reduced recoil
  • KF5 - mid damage range increased
  • Atlas 45 - mid damage range increased, max damage range increased
  • PDW - increased damage
  • Shotguns: reduced spread when using Gung-Ho
  • S12 - increased fire rate, increased damage
  • EPM3 - reduced recoil
  • Lynx - reduced recoil
  • ASM1 – slightly reduced initial fire rate

UI Updates

  • Rare Supply Drop Error messages when opening fixed.
  • Added a display for how many free slots you have in the Armory from the “Redeem Items” menu.
  • Replaced the camouflage images for Diamond and Royalty with the correct images in the Create-A-Class menu.
  • Replaced the Valkyrie loadout for the Centurion loadout for players who were incorrected rewarded this character gear in Clan Wars.
  • Fixed an issue where duplicates of unlocked items were showing in the New Items list.
  • Fixed an issue where some Create-A-Class were showing the incorrect lock status when selecting a Permanent Unlock when Prestiging.
  • Adjusted kill feed speed from 4 seconds to 6 seconds.

Challenges Updates

  • Removed ability to earn more than one of a non-redeemable character gear from the Daily Supply Drop Challenges.
  • Players will no longer receive a Daily Supply Drop Challenge for non-redeemable gear they have already acquired.
  • Removed the incorrect challenge for the Crossbow Scope to unlock at 10 kills.

Store Updates

  • [Xbox One] Players with other profiles who purchased DLC on the same console are now able to properly purchase DLC on their own profile.

Emblem Updates

  • Fixed an issue where the Emblem would sometimes apply incorrectly to the player card.

Scorestreak Updates

  • Sentry Gun turrets now die in one melee hit.
  • Decreased the amount of time the player has to hold X to exit a remote controlled Sentry Turret.
  • Unmodified Missile Strike missiles now travel faster when boosting (by hitting the fire button while coming down).
  • The Vulcan laser scorestreak now fires longer.

Ranked Play Updates

  • Added probation time for players who do not complete or disconnect from Ranked Play matches.
  • Will properly award Division Points in the case of a forfeited match (when the entire other team leaves).

Broadcaster Updates

  • Adjusted the colors and over all look for Broadcaster mode to make text and names easier to read and a better experience for viewers.
  • Fixed a rare issue where HUD elements would get stuck on the broadcaster’s screen.

Game Mode Specific Updates

  • S&D: Added UI to show if you were attacking or defending at the start of the round.
  • One Shot: Increased Kill Confirmed score limit to 80 in the One Shot Mosh Pit playlist.
  • Gun Game: Added a leaderboard for Gun Game.
  • Momentum: Adjusted spawn locations for the Drift map.
  • Uplink: Fixed an issue where the satellite drone could get stuck on the Clown Inn sign.

Map Specific Updates

  • Fixed various out of map exploits across different multiplayer maps.
  • Fixed an issue where Orbital Care Packages were removed from areas of the map on Drift after the dynamic map event.
  • Fixed an issue where indestructible objects would show up on the Sideshow map.
  • Adjusted the A Bomb site location on Sideshow.
  • Fixed a performance issue with some of the dynamic map pieces on the Core map.
  • Adjusted spawns locations for the Drift map..
  • Fixed Aerial Assault Drone and Recon Drone out of world exploits on the Sideshow map.

Exo Survival Updates

  • Fixed various out of map exploits across different multiplayer maps.

Exo Zombies Updates

  • Added ability for players to pause the game in single-player Private match.
  • Fixed an issue where players were not able to join a match together while in a party.
  • Fixed various out of map exploits where players could remain in place and not be attacked by zombies.
  • Removed the ability for host to start the match before players were ready in a Private Match setting.
  • Fixed an issue for the 20/20 Achievement so weapons that are reacquired after leveling it up to level 20 still count towards the achievement status.
  • Exo Zombies intro movie is now skippable.
  • Fixed a rare crash issue in Exo Zombies.
  • Fixed an issue where certain camos were missing for the ARX160.
  • Fixed an issue where the pop-up messaging for Player 2 could only be closed by Player 1.
  • Fixed a rare issue where the After Action Report was showing the incorrect map information after joining a Private Match.


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