Patch update notes for XBOX One, PS4 and PC for Patch May 2nd, 2017.


  • [All] Ozzy Man Reviews Voice Over Pack
  • Scorestreak Variants
    • [All] Customize your loadout in new ways with scorestreak variants, now live in Infinite Warfare. Only obtainable through crafting, these new variants take your current playstyle to an all new level with Rare, Legendary, and Epic versions of your existing scorestreaks. You’ll want to be strategic though, as every streak has a strength and weakness. You can access these via the Scorestreak Lab in the Armory portion of the Quartermaster.


  • [All] Increasing the audio range of the Micro Turret and Shock Sentry.
  • [All] Rig ability Killjoys now allow both ability Payloads to count towards progress.
  • [All] Updated Trinity Rocket to prevent the lock-on missiles from aggressively tracking targets when they should have hit the ground.
  • Infected:
    • [All] Removed secondary knife from R3K and FHR loadouts as your melee is always an OHK.
    • [All] OSA replaces the M1 and Hailstorm loadout.
    • [All] OSA can now be selected in custom matches.
    • [All] Assists score is now doubled if the player did a majority of the damage to the victim.
  • Uplink:
    • [All] Improved passing behavior for the drone.
    • [All] Fixed an issue where throwing the drone at a scorestreak would apply 1 damage.
    • [All] Fix for some players being unable to perform Taunts in the Winner’s Circle in both Public and Custom matches.
    • [All] Fix for some players being unable to equip a custom emblem after switching from a previously made emblem.
    • [All] Fix for some players encountering an issue where renaming an emblem could possibly delete it.
    • [All] Fix for animated weapon camos.
    • [All] Various map fixes.


  • [All] Fix for the player arrows on the minimap only displaying the direction of the spectated player.
  • [All] Adjusted the team colors to be a bit more visible on the minimap.
  • [All] Added a ‘Contested’ icon when a defending and attacking both jump into the goal to better message when carry scores are blocked.

Shaolin Shuffle

  • [All] Removed the Heart cooldown.
  • [All] Miscellaneous bug fixes.
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