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    Only just employed and yet the new Community Manager Tina knows how to tease us a little. She has just posted a tweet in which she hints to a 3 versus 3-option in the new Face-Off mode.

    This is done using the following tweet. In the current version of Face Off, which is just two days available for Xbox Live, you get 1 versus 1 or 2 vs. 2 games. When 3 versus 3 is possible is still unknown, but if we read the tweet you'll soon be able to compete with three against three in the Face Off mode.

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  • Soapy MacPrice

    Spoilers!! Read at own risk!!

    So hello, this is my theory on what happend to Soap (meaning that he's not dead). I know some of these things can't happen in real life but it's a game, isn't it... IF Soap returns in a DLC mission, this could be his story (if the mission takes place after MW3). So here I go.....

    Read Soap's page on this wiki first or play the game(s).

    When Price is busy punching Yuri down the stairs and stuff, the medic arrives and takes a look at Soap, then Soap suddenly awakes, but with a low pulse. He just passed out. The medic gives Soap a blood transfusion to make up the blood loss, and the resistance is eager to help. The Russians pull back at that moment because Nikolai comes with some(read: many) friends in helicopters t…

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  • Soapy MacPrice

    MW3 DLC plans

    January 25, 2012 by Soapy MacPrice

    Today Activision released information on the DLC for MW3 on this site.

    A quick schedule for the DLC:

    • Januari: 2 multiplayer maps
    • Februari: 1 multiplayer map
    • March: 1 multiplayer map, 2 Spec-Ops missions
    • April: 2 multiplayer maps
    • May: 1 multiplayer map, 1 Spec-Ops mission
    • June: 1 multiplayer map, 1 Spec-Ops mission, 1 multiplayer gamemode
    • July: 2 multiplayer maps
    • August: 1 multiplayer map, 1 Spec-Ops mission, 1 multiplayer gamemode
    • September: 1 multiplayer map, 1 Spec-Ops mission

    Thanks for reading and see you on chat or forums(maybe...). Mac$ out!


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