Spoilers!! Read at own risk!!

So hello, this is my theory on what happend to Soap (meaning that he's not dead). I know some of these things can't happen in real life but it's a game, isn't it... IF Soap returns in a DLC mission, this could be his story (if the mission takes place after MW3). So here I go.....

Read Soap's page on this wiki first or play the game(s).

When Price is busy punching Yuri down the stairs and stuff, the medic arrives and takes a look at Soap, then Soap suddenly awakes, but with a low pulse. He just passed out. The medic gives Soap a blood transfusion to make up the blood loss, and the resistance is eager to help. The Russians pull back at that moment because Nikolai comes with some(read: many) friends in helicopters to help the resistance. Suddenly Price comes in without Yuri, who he left in the cellar. Price helps the medic to carry Soap to a safe place in the building and says that 'he'll be back for him'. Price calls Nikolai and Nikolai extracts Soap to a safehouse.

Afterwards Price tells everyone, including Yuri and MacMillan, that Soap is dead, so there is no danger Makarov knows the truth.

Once Price killed Makarov, Nikolai picked him up and flew together with Price to the safehouse where Soap is and they lived happely ever after....

Note: the medic is a doctor in the hospital of Prague who was rescued by the resistance.

That's my story. If Infinity Ward decides to bring him alive, this would be a good story I think (even though it's impossible). Well, that's it, leave your comments below! Mac$ out! lcxwP.png MDZRq.jpg Soapy MacPrice Talk PwPwV.pnglcxwP.png

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