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User blog:Soldierscuzzy/Pepsi Offering More XP For Buying Mountain Dew


Pepsi Offering More XP For Buying Mountain Dew


Remember Smuff's old blog about Mountain Dew Offering XP for MW3 Multiplayer? More details have arisen, so pay attention.

MW3 DewXP Table

Forbes reported [1] earlier today that a new cross-promotion with Pepsi will allow Modern Warfare 3 players to gain more XP faster. When players purchase Mountain Dew, Doritos, or both, they will get special codes to enter. These codes, dubbed Rank Up XP, will allow for a small time window where all of the XP a player earns will be doubled. The amount of time for how much product you buy is shown in the graph above.


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  3. Smuff's old blog about Mountain Dew offering MW3 XP

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