• Sosdavis

    New to the Community

    July 7, 2011 by Sosdavis

    Hello, I'm writing just to introduce myself to the community.

    I'm an average player and a big fan of the series, but my favorite game of the series is MW2.

    I host a modded server on it and I WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY REQUESTS FOR 70s OR PRESTIGE HACKS! I simply do gamemode stuff like Global Thermonuclear War, Arena, Zombies, Diehard game varient, Pro varient, and other mods I happen to have in my arsenal at the time. (I don't use aimbots so stop accusing me.) I'm one of those few that actually doesn't use such programs. I find it more fun to hear you people accusing me of hacking, because when I hear that, it shows how good I am at that match. (But having played APB:R a lot recently, I've lost a lot of my former skill :/ )

    I got a friend coding up …

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