To anyone else here taking AP classes, good luck to ya'll! I myself am taking Calc, US History, and Chemistry. I'm a former AP English student, but I bailed out because those multiple choice...argh, my essays ranged from 4-7's, depending on both my mood/psyche and prompt. With that said I will also search for check grammar issues on certain articles when the time is given.

It's tough studying, so here I am posting a blog, to hopefully some other AP students on this wikia.

Also. I've switched into Stagecraft recently (after said bailing out of AP English) and we were starting construction for stage sets. I feel so...powerful, using the power drills, and hammering things, and sawing things, etc. It made me wonder "would I act the same way when using a live firearm, would I be...unreliable and irresponsible with a SAW/M249?". Would I be? (ps: Getting a gun is probably the first thing I want to do when I hit 18.)

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