So okay i was watching the jungle map trailer then i noticed that the winning team had 7800 points and the time was about 12mins left. So okay i'm a douche it's a ground war but there are only 6 team members on the mini-map. I then thought ok so it's a small ground war but then it pops up again 7600 points and only six team members but five minutes later. it later shows this twice again in the video the points this occur at these points:

0:13 7800points 6 team members

0:15 8600 6 team members

0:19 7900 6 team

0:25 8400 6 team etc. etc.

then the big one occurs at exactly 0:55 it says Team Deathmatch 7700 points and 5/6 Team members (huddled together)

What do you think on this new longer Team Deathmatch will limit at and what do u think of it? Also what about ground war, what will its limit be?

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