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Accurate weapons for MW2

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Team PlayerEdit

  • MP5K- Port Said/Akaba 9mm: The MP5K was developed for South America, unless Rojas could have supplied MP5Ks
  • Mini UZI- Agram 2000: Agram 2000, made in Croacia, common in the hands of terrorists and criminals
  • Glock 18- Cobra LDP: The Cobra is made in Zimbabwe and it's not as common as the Glock, but I find it more accurate
  • RPD- PKM: RPD is too old as for 2016
  • TMP- Borz: The TMP is no longer produced and though the Borz is Chechen, they could have supplied homemade weapons
  • M9 Akimbo- MP412 REX Akimbo: The MP412 REX is seen in BFBC:1, c'mon, I just like it.
  • FAL- Type 56 carbine (SKS made in China): Chinese supplied thousands of these in the Soviet-Afhan war.


  • AK47- AK-200: Thought it has been modernized, the AK-200 will fit even more
  • AUG HBAR- RPK-74M: The AUG HBAR is not used in Russia
  • FAMAS- AK-9: Same as the AUG HBAR
  • P90- AKS-74u: Same as AUG HBAR, P90, UMP and Vector
  • Vector and UMP- PP-19 Bizon
  • SPAS-12- Saiga-12: SPAS-12 is no longer produced
  • USP .45- MP446 Viking: WTF does a German made weapon do on hands of Russians, if they already have a better handgun?

No RussianEdit

  • UMP .45- PP-19/02 Vityaz: The Vityaz is seen in Special Operatives in Russia
  • MP5K- OTs-02 Kiparis: As of 1990's, the OTs-02 Kiparis has replaced older weapons in it's role, national security
  • M9- MP443 Grach: The M9 has never been in hands of Russian MVD
  • USP .45- MR444 Baghira: How come? Russians haven't bought Western firearms
  • TAR-21- OTs-14 Groza: The TAR-21? Which is used in Georgia, one of Russia's enemies?
  • F2000- 9A91: The F2000 is used by UN Forces, so it is likely that Russia left the UN in 2011 (In game of course)
  • SPAS-12- KS-23: KS-23, used by security forces in Russia and other CIS members


  • MP5K- MP5K PDW in its case: The MP5K PDW is made for South America
  • Model 1887- MTs-255: Model 1887, production ended in 1901
  • FAL- IMBEL LAR (Brazilian made FAL): They could at least name it LAR for this mission
  • Mini UZI- Modelo Z-45: The Z-45 is made in Spain and it is based in the MP40
  • Glock 18- MAT-49: Glock 18, most commonly used by police, So why put it with the bad guys?
  • RPD- RPK: RPD= Old


  • AK47- AK-200: Outdated, Isn't it?
  • FAL- Vintovka Saiga: FAL, never used in Russia or any other CIS member, Saiga rifle, it's a huting rifle, but it is more accurate
  • RPD- RPK-M: RPD= From 1944
  • Striker- Saiga-12: Saiga-12, Russian standard shotgun
  • RPG-7- RPG-29: The RPG-7 will be like 56 years old as for 2016, the RPG-29 is also more powerful
  • TAR-21- AK-74M: AK-74M, Russian standard rifle

The Hornet's NestEdit

  • Same as "Takedown"


  • Same as "Wolverines!"
  • UMP and TDI Vector- PP-19 Bizon: Be serious, an American weapon in Russia... As for the UMP, the same, however, it is German
  • P90- AKS-74u: P90 isn't used in Russian SPETSNAZ
  • ZPU- Zu-23: The ZPU will be 70 years old as of 2016

The Only Easy Day.... Was YesterdayEdit

  • MG4- PKP Pecheneg
  • TDI Vector, UMP and P90- AK-9
  • M1014- KS23
  • SPAS-12- Saiga-12K
  • Striker- TOZ-194 (Thought is not in service with Russia)
  • AA-12- Saiga 20K
  • FAMAS- AKS-74
  • TAR-21- AEK-971
  • USP .45- MP446 Viking


  • Same as "The Only Easy Day... Was Yesterday"
  • MP5K- OTs-02 Kiparis
  • M9 Akimbo- Makarov PMM Akimbo
  • Glock 18- AEK-919 Kashtan
  • M93 Raffica- APS Stechkin

Of Their Own Accord, Second Sun and Whiskey HotelEdit

  • FAL- AVB-7,62
  • P90- OTs-14 Groza
  • UMP .45- PP-19 Bizon
  • TDI Vector- AKS-74u
  • TAR-21- AEK-971
  • AK47- AK-200
  • Striker- Saiga-12K
  • RPD- AEK-999
  • RPG-7- RPO Shmel'
  • FGM-148 Javelin- 9M133 Kornet
  • Barrett .50 cal- OSV-96


  • AK47- AK-200
  • FAMAS- AEK-971
  • TDI Vector and UMP- AKS-74u
  • P90- AK-9
  • TAR-21- AK-74M
  • SPAS- Saiga 12K
  • USP .45- MP446 Viking
  • SCAR/H- G36C
  • ACR- XM177
  • MG4- PKP Pecheneg
  • M240- AEK-999

Loose EndsEdit

  • Walther WA2000- Dragunov SVU
  • TAR-21, F2000 and FAMAS- AEK-971
  • M14 EBR- Arctic Warfare Magnum
  • P90, UMP and TDI Vector- PP-91 KEDR
  • Mini UZI- Agram 2000
  • TDI Vector- AKS-74
  • M1014, Striker, SPAS and M1887- KS-23 or W1300
  • L86 LSW- MG36
  • ACR- G36KV
  • AUG HBAR- M249 SAW
  • Glock 18- PP-2000
  • USP .45- MP412 REX

The Enemy of My EnemyEdit

  • Same as "Loose Ends"

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