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  • USMC
  • NATO
  • Spetçnaz GRU
  • OpFor
  • Korean People's Army
  • Chechen rebels



Assault rifles:Edit

  • M4A1:American assault rifle with moderate range and high ROF
  • G36KV:German assault rifle with moderate ROF, range and damage
  • AUG A1:Austrian assault rifle with excellent aim and ROF
  • AK-74M:Russian assault rifle with medium range and high ROF
  • AK-47:Soviet assault rifle with low range and ROF and high power and aim
  • TAR-21: Israeli assault rifle with moderate ROF and high power
  • Galil ARM: Israeli assault rifle with high power and medium ROF
  • G41:German assault rifle with low damage and high ROF
  • G11:German 3-burst rifle with low damage and high range
  • HK416: German full auto carbine with high ROF

Military riflesEdit

  • G3A3: High power, long range
  • FAL: High power, long range
  • M14: High power, long range
  • HK417: Medium power, long range
  • SKS Simonov: Low power, low range
  • AVB-7,62: High power, average range

Sniper rifles:Edit

  • M14 DMR: American Semi-Auto rifle with long range and moderate power
  • Blaser 93 : Bolt action
  • CheyTac M200: Bolt action, extremely long range
  • SV-Dragunov: Semi auto
  • VSS Vintorez: Semi auto, suppressed
  • M40A3: High power, bolt action


  • M249 SAW:Full auto, High ROF, Large Magazines, Moderate Power
  • MG4: Full Auto, Low ROF, Large Magazines, High Power
  • MG3: Full Auto, High ROF, Large Magazines, High Power
  • RPK-74: Full Auto, Medium ROF, Medium Magazines, Low Power
  • HK121: Full Auto: High ROF, Large Magazines, Medium Power
  • M16A3 LSW: 3-round burst. Small Magazines, Medium Power
  • PK: High-power, big magazines and long range
  • M240L: High-power, big magazines and long range
  • Attachments: ACOG, Bipod, IR Scope, Red dot sight, scope


  • MP5-N: Automatic, high ROF and low-medium damage
  • Spectre M4: Automatic, high ROF, low power
  • PP-19 Vityaz: Automatic, low ROF, high power
  • PPS-43: Automatic, high ROF, moderate power
  • Sterling L2A3: Automatic, high ROF



  • R870MCS: pump-action, 5 rounds, high power
  • M1014: semi-auto, 7 rounds
  • KS-23: pump-action, 7 rounds, extremely high power
  • Saiga-12K: semi-auto, 10 rounds, medium-high power
  • Coach gun: double barrel, high power
  • AA-12: full-auto, moderate power, high range
  • NeoStead-2000: pump-action, long range
  • SPAS-12: Pump-action

Machine pistols:Edit

  • MP7: High-power and ROF
  • MP5K-PDW: Low-power, moderate ROF
  • PP-2000: High-power and ROF
  • AP Stechkin: Low ROF, high power
  • Shkorpion Vz.61: Low ammo, ROF and power
  • MAT-49: High ROF and medium power
  • AEK-919: High ROF, low power
  • Attachments: AN/PEQ, Silencer, Ext. Mags, Hollow Point, Red Dot


  • H&K P7: Low-power
  • Mk.23: High-power, big magazines
  • Colt M1911: Medium-power
  • Yarygin PYa: Moderate-Power
  • MP412 REX: High-power, Revolver
  • Desert Eagle Mk.XIX: Extremely high-power, high recoil
  • Pfeifer Zeliska: Exaggeratingly high-power, high recoil
  • Glock 17. Low-power, big magazines
  • CZ-75 w/Auto: Medium-Power, big magazines

Special weaponry:Edit

Chemical weaponry:Edit

  • Reizstoffwerfer RW-99 Gas thrower: Throws out CN gas which can kill an enemy, doesn't affect vehicles
  • Type 74 Flamethrower: Throws out flames which can kill an enemy, doesn't affect vehicles

Anti-Tank riflesEdit

  • AW-50: High-power, bolt action, 5 round magazines
  • Barrett M107 .50 Cal: High-power, semi-auto
  • AMR-2: High-power, bolt action
  • KSVK-12,7mm: High-power, bolt action


  • AT4 HS: Free fire or lock-on
  • RPG-7: Fires unguided rockets
  • M47 Dragon: Lock-on only
  • 9K38 Igla: Vehicle lock-on only
  • XM25: Full auto grenade launcher
  • GM94: 4 shot semi-auto
  • M40 Recoilless Rifle: Free fire, heavy and powerful
  • M79 Thumper: 1 grenade per load
  • Alternative ammo: HEAT, Incendiary, Stun


  • M252 81mm mortar
  • 2B14 Podnos 82mm mortar


  • KA-BAR (Slicing)
  • KM2000 (Stabbing)
  • Karambit (Assasination)
  • Prisoner's Knife (All-Around)
  • SOG Knife (Mutilation)


  • Bows and arrow w/ Optional explosive bolts
  • Ballistic knife w/ knife changing, depends on your knife equipped
  • Riot shield w/ sidearm (except shotguns) being used, but greatly reduces accuracy
  • Slingshot w/ Optional incendiary rounds


Tier 1:Edit

  • Sleight of Hand: reload faster/Pro: Knife faster
  • Juggernaut: Bullet resistant/Pro: Explosive resistant
  • Warcry: Carry 2 attachments in your primary/Pro: Carry 2 attachments in your secondary
  • Hardline: 1 Kill less to acquire killstreaks/Pro: Change the content from a Care Package
  • Marathon: Run faster/Pro: Knife range increased
  • Interference: Interfers in enemy comms and jams radar/Pro: Hear your enemies' voices and announcements (Not able in Split-Screen)
  • Stamina: Jump higher/Pro: No falling damage

Tier 2: These also modify your appearanceEdit

  • Medic: Get a second chance before death and revive downed allies/Pro: Get revived and revive in half the time (Hat, Beret, Ushanka, Balaclava, Aviator hat, Bandana and a medkit)
  • Sniper eye: Hold breath longer/Pro: Recoil reduced (Ghillie suit and some ropes)
  • Runner: Run for longer time/Pro: Jump longer distances and get lighter (A machete and a hat)
  • NBC Suit: CN and Kolokol gas resistant/Pro: Flame resistant (NBC Suit)
  • 6th sense: Detect enemy Claymores and Satchels/Pro: Turn the enemy's equipment and sentry guns allied (Titan armor)
  • Overkill: Carry 2 primary weapons or 2 secondaries or 2 specials/Pro: Carry 2 lethal grenades or tactical grenades (Helmet, bandolier and shotgun shells, plus a holster and many pouches)

Tier 3:Edit

  • Phantom: Invisible to UAVs, Sentry guns and IR/Pro: Invisible to anything, except players
  • Radar: Detect enemy vehicles and dogs/Pro: Detect the coordinates of a booby trap and a strike
  • Commando: Longer knifing distances/Pro. No falling damage
  • Ordnance Training: Your vehicle reloads faster/Pro: Fire a co-axial machine gun
  • Overlord. Improve your killstreak capabilities (ex. Your attack dogs jump faster)/Pro: Keep your killstreak weapons even after death
  • Hardline: 1 Kill less to acquire killstreaks/Pro: Change the content from a Care Package



  • M67:Frag grenade
  • Semtex:Sticky explosive
  • Throwing Hatchet:A melee weapon that can be thrown to enemies
  • Molotov:Sets a fire upon thrown


  • Flashbang:Blinds enemies
  • Stun grenade:Blurs vision and disorients enemies
  • Kolokol-1 gas:Damages health and blurs vision
  • Smokescreen:Set a protective smokescreen


  • M16A2 S-Mine: 2 landmines thatt blow upon contact
  • Satchel charges: 2 explosive charges which are remote detonated with a detonator or double tapping X/Square/F
  • Tactical Insertion: A flare that sets your spawn location after death, now can be thrown
  • Binoculars: Gives a closer look of the battlefield


  • 3 kills: UAV Recon: An RQ-1 Predator/ Yakovliev PCHELA that reveals enemy positions for 30 secs.
  • 3 kills: Radar jammer: Interfers in enemy radars to make their mini-maps invisible
  • 4 kills: Care package: A helicopter drops some supplies (Ammo, killstreaks or weapons)
  • 4 kills: Sentry gun: Automatic turret that requires no poerator
  • 4 kills: RPO-Shmel/M61 Vulcan: RPO: Incendiary rocket launcher, M61 Vulcan: High powered chain gun
  • 5 kills: Booby trap: Set some landmines in an enemy position
  • 6 kills: F-15 Strike/Su-35 Strike: Carpet bombing
  • 6 kills: Mortar strike: Fires at enemy positions marked, 3 mortar strikes
  • 7 kills: Dog strike: Dogs that bite enemy players, 2-3 hits to kill
  • 7 kills: Support chopper: Helicopter that attacks enemy troops (AH-1 Super Cobra/Mi-24 Hind-D)
  • 9 kills: Strategic bombing: High-powered carpet bomb, crosses the whole map
  • 9 kills: Weapons & Supplies drop: Drops 5 crates, 1 with ammo, 2 with killstreaks and 1 with guns
  • 11 kills: A-10 piloting: Control an A-10 close air support plane equipped with rockets and a chain gun
  • 11 kills: M388 Davy Crockett: Nuclear mortar strike


Assault rifles/Military Rifles

  • Suppressor: Makes your weapon silent
  • Holographic sight: Presition sight, increases accuracy
  • Grip/Folding stock: Stabilizes weapon
  • M26 MASS. Underbarrel bolt action shotgun
  • Grenade launcher: Underbarrel attachments that shoots grenades
  • Red Dot sight: Presition sight
  • ACOG: 1.5x sight, increases accuracy
  • Telescopic sight: 4x sight, acts similar to a sniper scope
  • Bayonet: Melee weapon attached, stabs enemies faster
  • IR Sight: Enemies without Phantom appear white
  • C-Mag: Extended magazines
  • Dual magazines
  • AN/PEQ

Sniper Rifles

  • Suppressor
  • Heartbeat sensor: Enemies without Phantom appear as red dots
  • Variable zoom: 1.5x, 4x and 10x sight
  • Bipod: Stabilizes weapon (NOTE: All Sniper rifles come with a bipod)
  • Bayonet
  • IR Sight
  • AN/PEQ
  • Grip
  • Extended magazines
  • FMJ

Submachine guns

  • Red dot sight
  • Holographic sight
  • ACOG
  • Folding stock
  • Extended magazines: More ammo per clip/magazine
  • Suppressor
  • Dual magazines: Carry 2 times the ammunition you have, reload faster and waste ammo after 2 reloads
  • Hollow point rounds: Rounds with a hole for more firepower and penetration
  • AN/PEQ: Aiming laser for more accurate hipfire shots
  • Grenade launcher (MP5 Only)
  • Akimbo (Spectre M4 and Sterling L2A3 only)

Machine guns

  • Grip
  • IR Sight
  • ACOG
  • Holographic sight
  • Variable zoom
  • Red dot sight
  • AN/PEQ
  • Big Ammo: Ext. Magazines
  • Bipod (Already on weapon, doesn't take an attachment slot)
  • Heartbeat sensor

Pistols/Machine pistols

  • Akimbo: Dual-wield 2 guns
  • Hollow point rounds
  • CornerShot: Attachment that can fold your weapon for you to shoot it while taking cover
  • AN/PEQ
  • Full-Auto upgrade: Turns your pistol into an automatic pistol (CZ-75 only)
  • Tactical knife: Khife used together with the pistol, greatly reduces accuracy and maneuverability


  • Dragon's breath: Incendiary shotgun shell, increases range
  • 2 triggers: Allows you to use both barrels at once (Coach gun only)
  • Sawn-off: Reduces barrel size for more maneuverability and firepower
  • Holographic sight
  • Red dot sight
  • Semi-Auto upgrade: Allows you to shoot semi-auto (SPAS-12 only)
  • Grip/Folding stock
  • Double barrel: shoot both barrels (Coach gun only)


  • HEAT rounds: A more effective round against vehicles
  • Incendiary rounds: Rounds that leave flames after shot
  • Scope. Precision sight for more accurate shots

Anti-tank rifles

  • Scope
  • Bipod (Already on weapon, doesn't take an attachment slot)

Nazi ZombiesEdit

  • Undead Nightmare: An abandoned factory somewhere in Eastern Europe in which there is a secret room with a Pack-A-Punch machine, 9 rooms and 3 teleporter rooms
  • Special trap: Sausage chopper, zombies walk into the trap and get grinded
  • Playable characters: Michael Preston- USMC, Joseph Schneider- NATO, Konstantin Bakalov- Spetçnaz GRU, Kim il-Jong- KPA.
  • Wonder Weapons: Wunderwaffe DG-2, Ray Gun, Monkey Bomb, Ray Gun, Thundergun, Winter's Howl and.... Space Ray: Capacity: 3 batteries per clip, reserve ammo, 27, features a 1.4x scope and a laser which fires continously.


  • Mark 47: Automatic grenade launcher
  • M2HB 'Ma Deuce': .50 cal machine gun
  • M134 Minigun: Chain gun
  • Vickers Mk.IV: Fully auto


  • LAV-25: Equipped with and M240 and a M242 Bushmaster
  • BTR-90: Equipped with a PK and a 2A42 Shupinov
  • AH-64D Longbow Apache: Equipped with Hydra 70 rockets and an M242 Bushmaster
  • Mil Mi-28 Havoc: Equipped with UV-32 rockets and a 2A42 Shupinov

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