Hi! I guess I'll just say it... I'm here to give my opinion on elite versons of each gun in CoD:AW, as well as what I believe to be the best loadout for each one. 

Now, as for the way I'll be doing this, I have a couple rules. My first is that I believe for each variant, there is one version for core mode and one for hardcore. The reviews will reflect that. My second will be that all weapons reviewed will be analyzed in Domination and HC Domination, respectivly. This is because I enjoy playing this mode, and playing just about any style helps your team. Third is restrictions on attachments. Core mode has no restrictions, whereas I refuse to put on a few attachments/perks for hardcore. These include tracker, parabolic microphone, peripherals, and most likely some of the Exo Abilities (Exo Stim, Exo Mute). Actually, thinking about it, Exo Mute is banned everywhere, because 99% of players don't listen to footsteps.

These rules will be the basic groundwork for my reviews, and I hope you enjoy them!



Bal-27 - Obsidian Steed

Mode: Core.

While using this weapon, I found myself reloading often. The recoil was nonexistant, allowing for easy kills at medium-long range. The ADS time wasn't a problem, and it was just as easy to get hipfire kills. The sights were clear.

Good attachments? Extended mags. Without a doubt. More bullets means less reloads, which means more killing. Perk-wise, Scavenger is obvious. You'll find yourself time and time again running out of ammo with this weapon. Fast reload makes a good buddy, as (as stated previously) you'll be reloading lots. This weapon might pair well with a secondary for when you've run out of ammo. 

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