• You grab you boss's briefcase open it for five seconds throw it out the window and say bomb defused.
  • your dog jumps on you and you insensitivly snap its neck.
  • you jump off a 10 story building becuse you have comando pro.
  • you duct tape a gps to your paintball gun and start scanning for enimies.
  • when ever you hear a siren you yell TACTICAL NUKE ITS OVER!
  • when your power goes out you yell WEVE BEEN EMP'ED ITS OVER!
  • you yeal take em down when you put on a seal costume and grap a airsoft m16.
  • you yeal take no prisoners comrades when your russian friend comes over.
  • -You know you've played too much MW2 when... everytime you hear a helicopter coming, you run into the closest roofed building.

-You know you've played too much MW2 wonder why every war hasn't ended via tactical nuke.

-You know you've played too much MW2 when...everytime you walk into a house you check all of the corners looking for campers.

-You know you've played too much MW2 start talking with a british accent.

-You know you've played too much MW2 invest in a riot shield for paintball

when you see a plane fling far away you say enemy uav active

When you drop to the ground when someone comes into the room you're in to drop shot them.

When you tell someone who's sitting in a room "Stop Camping!"

When you waste hundreds of dollars on real weapon sights like red dots and holo scopes but have no real gun.

-When you get a haircut like Soap

....When you try to shoot chickens

When you wish you'd see real life in Thermal.

when you put a sprinkler in front of your front door, equip it with a motion sensor, then pretend you have an actual Sentry Gun. throw cardboard boxes at your friend while yelling, "Incoming care package!"

You put a flare on top of your xbox so you can spawn by it when you wake up.

You tell your bro who is in time out to stop camping

You expect green and red names to appear over peoples heads

You smear red jelly on your paintball goggles to add realism.

when you walking down the street and a plane fly's over and you look for your stinger

When Look around the house for claymores

When you look up and see a plane you think its a UAV, Chopper gunner, AC130, or harrier

When you are on vaction and see tents you go in and say stop camping noobs

when ur 2 scared 2 go 2 the bathroom incase theres a camper in there

when you see smoke, you secretly wait behind a bush for a box to drop from the sky

when you see someone laying down, you teabag them

you knife your friends thinking friendly fire is off

you fall down some steps and think you're in last stand

you run to every flag you see and shout "SECURING ALPHA"

· You need to get somewhere quickly so you stop in at a convenience store and buy some emergency flares.

· You tell your friends "No Russian" when you enter an airport.

· You see an AK-47 at a gun store and think "That looks pretty cool, but it'd look way better with some red tiger stripes..."

· You miss the bus, and mentally remind yourself to equip Marathon and Lightweight next time.

· You see a riot on TV and wonder why the police officers don't have throwing knives.

· You are really careful around shuttered windows in case an enemy pops out as you walk by.

· You ask your friends in the military what killstreak rewards they've got equipped.

· You arrive on the dance floor and impress everyone with your dolphin dive.

· You see a red beret and immediately think "Witch!"

· You buy your own Ghillie suit for camping trips so you won't die immediately.

· You refer to any gun with more than one attachment as "Bling."

· You don't believe it's possible to fit a scope, a grenade launcher, and a silencer to the same gun.

· You play another PC game and are confused as to what all these oddly named "servers" are.

· when you wonder why you don't unlock a silencer for your rifle after you kill 10 deer.

· when you think some soldier must've gotten one hell of a killstreak in WWII cus the US used a nuke...

· When you think that putting a flare at your work desk and get someone to stab you with a knife is a fast way to go to work

· When you get injured you believe waiting 15 seconds is gonna heal the injury

· you start camping in dodge ball


  • -You hit the deck and yell "GRENADE!!!" when you hear something fall next to you -
    • You yell to your coworkers "COVER ME! IM RELOADING" when you run out of staples

-" -Whenever you see someone standing on a roof, you think to yourself "fucking glitcher"

-You cook everything you throw for at least 2 seconds -Whenever you hear a helicopter, you wonder whose it is -You see a soldier on TV has a M203 attached to his M16; you immediately turn it off because he is a n00b -You run for cover whenever you hear a helicopter -Your dog jumps on you and you instinctively snap its neck -You finish a magazine then yell "CHANGING MAG" -You hold your breath to steady your pencil when writing -You’re afraid that the UPS guy is planting C4 at your door step -You see a camera flash and you hit the floor -You yell "FRAG OUT" when throwing a snowball -You yell "COVER ME! IM RELOADING" when filling up the Xerox machine -You hear "damn- We just got our asses kicked" inside your head when you fail a test -You avoid staircases because you’re afraid of claymores -You avoid driving near churches because they are good sniper spots -Whenever someone has a coughing fit, you get into a defensive position because tabun gas cant throw itself -You run to cover and fear artillery when you hear a whistle -You say to your girlfriend "outstanding marine! Out fucking standing" after having sex -You hear dogs barking and in your head you hear "Our hounds will tear zem to SHREDS!!!" -You yell "CAPTURE THE OBJECTIVE" when entering a supermarket -You subconsciously include Call of Duty phrases like "Rodger" in everyday conversation -You have to restrain yourself from knifing someone walking out of an airplane bathroom -You jump off of a 10 story building because fuckit, you have commando pro -You give all foliage a second glance because maybe it’s a ghillie -You walk outside and say "ooohh I haven’t played this map before" -You’re at a party and you think to yourself "one grenade in that room and ill definitely get a harrier" -When you’re at a golf course you sprint to a flag, hit the deck and yell "SECURING CHARLIE" -You scan high rise buildings for snipers -You see an airplane in the sky and you yell "ENEMY AC130 ABOVE" -You look out of a window and think "damn this is a great sniper spot" -You see someone get hit by a car and say "tango down" -someone walks through the door during dinner and you throw your knife at them -You can’t stand playing hide and seek because it promotes camping -You crouch in a corner and pull out a laptop hoping to get some kills with a predator missile -You’re thankful that UPS doesn’t need red smoke to deliver packages -You duck tape a GPS device to the side of your paintball gun and start looking for enemies -You put duck tape on a rock, throw it at someone and yell "STUCK +100" -You hear a siren and yell "TACTICAL NUKE!!! IT’S ALL OVER" -You go to a gun store and ask if you can have the akimbo attachment -You have an uncontrollable urge to knife caged chickens at the market -You refer to the bus stop as LZ and DZ -Your friend comes to pick you up and just as he is about to turn onto your street he says "hammer 3-4 this is big bird we're at bingo fuel" and turns around -You have secret code names for your teachers such as Makarov or Sheppard -You yell "WE'VE BEEN EMP-ED! ELECTRONICS ARE OFFLINE" whenever the power goes out -You see a girl skipping and say to yourself, "she’s lagging" -You reffer to your friends by their gamertags (Gamemasta242) Reply edit id like to hear your guys ideas and when you do ill post them with your name.

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