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    Tell me Ur Opinion

    August 26, 2011 by Sporkmasta42

    Ok, with the release of Moon, i think there are a couple of things 3arch should have changed... like... did any of you notice how abrubtly the zombie storyline ended? I mean really. You blow up the earth. thats the last thing u do. I think it would have been coll if 3arch made a game similar to GTA, but with zombies instead.

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  • Sporkmasta42

    So we all know about the new zombie map, Moon. Heres what I think about what is going to be on moon.

    (**NOTE** I realize that none of this is backed up by hard evidence until the release of Moon. These are just opinions/ ideas.)

    • The major easter egg or one of the traps is going to involve the Moon's low gravity.
    • New equipment will have something to do with C4. confirmed that the new equipment is the Space Suit.
    • New perk will have something to do with jumping. (confirmed that the new perk will be similar to overkill)
    • Teleporters.
    • Richtofen will have the Golden Rod from COTD and the Focusing Stone from Shangri-La
    • That Moon will NOT tie up the zombie storyline, that 3arc will make another game with zombies, and then it will be tied up.

    Again these are…

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  • Sporkmasta42

    I Made this in response to my old blog 'Why the Ray Gun is better than the Thundergun'. Obviously that was a mistake. ppl hate on me now. Oh well. if you hate the Wonder Waffle then your probably too young to be on this wiki. If you never heard of the Wonder Waffle, then you need to buy WaW. Its the best excuse for blowing 20 bucks you'll ever have

    • Teh Wonder Waffle has a funneh name. (its about a waffle how much more random can you get)
    • Wonder Waffle has a larger clip so you dont have to do The most unmentionable thing. (reload)
    • Wonder Waffle is exclusive is in BO and WaW so you can Enjoy the waffle in more games.
    • The Waffle has longer infini-damage range so you dont have to get up in a zombies face to one-shot kill it.
    • In my opinion, the Wond…
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    Quick Question...

    July 29, 2011 by Sporkmasta42

    Ok ppl here is a question idk know the answer to...

    Is running and gunning n00bish?

    i run and gun with a vector RDS and my friends tell me im a n00b for it. (of course one thinks it takes skill to corner-camp and the other thinks that quick-scoping is epic. i cant trust them so maybe i can you.

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  • Sporkmasta42

    Reasons why the Raygun kicks Thundergun butt.

    1: Raygun is from another dimension (duh)

    2: Thundergun slows you down

    3: Raygun is in ALL the zombie maps

    4: Raygun is FULLY-AUTOMATIC

    5: Raygun has more ammo

    6: Raygun kicks zombeh butt into a higher round than the Thundergun

    7: Raygun makes crawlers

    8: Raygun has higher effective range than the Thundergun.

    Raygun. Learn it, Live it, Love it.

    • UPDATE** i never said that the thunder gun is BAD, i said i like the raygun BETTER. sheesh people.

    (you know what? why dont you make your own blog for reasons to state ur opinion.)

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