So we all know about the new zombie map, Moon. Heres what I think about what is going to be on moon.

(**NOTE** I realize that none of this is backed up by hard evidence until the release of Moon. These are just opinions/ ideas.)

  • The major easter egg or one of the traps is going to involve the Moon's low gravity.
  • New equipment will have something to do with C4. confirmed that the new equipment is the Space Suit.
  • New perk will have something to do with jumping. (confirmed that the new perk will be similar to overkill)
  • Teleporters.
  • Richtofen will have the Golden Rod from COTD and the Focusing Stone from Shangri-La
  • That Moon will NOT tie up the zombie storyline, that 3arc will make another game with zombies, and then it will be tied up.

Again these are just OPINIONS. And im really glad 3arc is releasind all the original zombie maps with rezzurection. (i think i spelled that right) 'cause my WaW disc is broken.

(P.S.) Call me stupid, but has anyone else noticed, the guy who normally hold the PaP M1911 on the BO cover art has been zombified?

PI Zombie - Eat Flesh

Found this while browsing, thought it was kinda funny

Rezurection Header

Check it out. Zombified dude.

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