I Made this in response to my old blog 'Why the Ray Gun is better than the Thundergun'. Obviously that was a mistake. ppl hate on me now. Oh well. if you hate the Wonder Waffle then your probably too young to be on this wiki. If you never heard of the Wonder Waffle, then you need to buy WaW. Its the best excuse for blowing 20 bucks you'll ever have

  • Teh Wonder Waffle has a funneh name. (its about a waffle how much more random can you get)
  • Wonder Waffle has a larger clip so you dont have to do The most unmentionable thing. (reload)
  • Wonder Waffle is exclusive is in BO and WaW so you can Enjoy the waffle in more games.
  • The Waffle has longer infini-damage range so you dont have to get up in a zombies face to one-shot kill it.
  • In my opinion, the Wonder Waffle gives a funnier death animation.
  • The Waffle is in an Easter Egg in BO.

Plz Dont Hate. Its Not Nice and is a Waste Of Ur Life.

UPDATE** Wow, you people are really, REALLY slow arent you? well let me get something straight. I AM 14 FRIGGIN YEARS OLD. im no 4 year old fanboy who doesnt even know what ACR stands for. i come to this site to express my opinion, no matter how pointless it may be. i put these jokes in here cuz i, for one, am not some serious-arse guy whocant take a joke. plz, stop posting hate mail. its just plain Sht00pid.

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