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  • Sportsmantothemax


    January 12, 2013 by Sportsmantothemax

    Days ago,a DLC trailer was released for Black Ops includes the maps of Hydro,Grind,Downhill,Mirage,and Die well as exclusive weapon for MultiPlayer "Peacekeeper" which is in the SMG's category.lets talk about DIE thing that is the characters from tranZit mode are they got from somewhere in North America to the far East is unknown.through the zombie's section of the trailer,only 3 of the 4 characters from tranZit are visible.Russman,Misty,and Samuel.Marlton on the other hand is nowhere to be seen.much speculation still gathers to find out what happened to him.there isnt much you can see of the map.throughout the trailer at a certain point,the power switch can be seen in the background.the map is described as a…

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  • Sportsmantothemax


    December 26, 2012 by Sportsmantothemax

    Once again zombies has returned in its strongest attempt to fulfill a players wants.Many pros and cons to zombies but that won't stop it from being capable of being good.First things first,tranZit includes 4 new characters.Marlton is the young nerdy one.Samuel is the older man with glasses.Misty is the female character,and Russman is the African American homeless guy.Lets talk easter easter egg is Nacht Der you pass through the corn field from the Farm to the power station on the right side of the bus you will see a small building.that building is nacht der untoten.(NOTE:towards the storyline of WAW and BO 1,it is only a easter egg treyarch put in there and not where its real location is).More easter eggs?Part of the st…

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  • Sportsmantothemax


    September 1, 2011 by Sportsmantothemax

    moon is out and we play on xbox once again to enjoy the "season finale" of zombies as the easter egg is extremely tuff and massive you need to do call of the dead and shangri la easter eggs in order to do the best one yet.well it is over for now so you might wanna expect new characters for the next treyarch call of duty.for now ill see you later until mw3 my friends :). Oh P.S STAY AWAY FROM MY VODKA!!!

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  • Sportsmantothemax

    it is confirmed the map pack 3 for call of duty:Black Ops will have: Hangar 18,Silo,Drive-In,Hazard,and shangri-la which is the real deal.for shangri-la they will have the original characters (nikolai,dempsy,etc) it might have a boss zombie that breathes fire, in between the size of verruckt and shi no also will have women zombies and a minecart to escape in and a water slide similar to Call Of The Dead right before the sickle and speed cola

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