Days ago,a DLC trailer was released for Black Ops includes the maps of Hydro,Grind,Downhill,Mirage,and Die well as exclusive weapon for MultiPlayer "Peacekeeper" which is in the SMG's category.lets talk about DIE thing that is the characters from tranZit mode are they got from somewhere in North America to the far East is unknown.through the zombie's section of the trailer,only 3 of the 4 characters from tranZit are visible.Russman,Misty,and Samuel.Marlton on the other hand is nowhere to be seen.much speculation still gathers to find out what happened to him.there isnt much you can see of the map.throughout the trailer at a certain point,the power switch can be seen in the background.the map is described as an MC Escher painting.due to its verticallity.thats currently it for now.well know more within only a few weeks.untill then ill see you all later

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