Once again zombies has returned in its strongest attempt to fulfill a players wants.Many pros and cons to zombies but that won't stop it from being capable of being good.First things first,tranZit includes 4 new characters.Marlton is the young nerdy one.Samuel is the older man with glasses.Misty is the female character,and Russman is the African American homeless guy.Lets talk easter easter egg is Nacht Der you pass through the corn field from the Farm to the power station on the right side of the bus you will see a small building.that building is nacht der untoten.(NOTE:towards the storyline of WAW and BO 1,it is only a easter egg treyarch put in there and not where its real location is).More easter eggs?Part of the storyline,there is a Maxis side to the easter egg and a Richtofen side to the easter egg.If the Maxis side is completed a pylon on the opposite side of where Nacht Der Untoten is will light up orange.If the Richtofen side is completed,then the pylon will glow purple.if both sides of the easter egg is done the pylone will alternate between purple and orange.Though tranZit is difficult i believe there is a difficulty option in custom games.One final easter egg is the song.Once all three teddy bears are activated the song Carrion by kevin sherwood will play.The first teddy bear is on a bench at the bus stop,the second in the upstairs in the farm,and the third in the bar in the town.A new perk was introduced called tombstone.The way it works is simple.Lets say you have jug the HAMR and the RPD.You go down and die.A dog tag will appear where you died.Once you spawn and touch the dog tag that is your you will get back all that you had as if you didn't go down.Feel free to ask any other question.if you dont mind and have a twitter follow R.C Crew @115unupentium for more info towards zombies.Have a nice day on the COD wikia,giving you information to get better at COD :).

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