• Staff Sergeant Jack Jackson

    A little wishlist poll i decided to make yah'll. For the wishlist it'll be multiple choices you can choose so let's start.

    Enemy type

    • Pirates (Choose Nationality)
    • A Foreign Military Defence Force (Choose Nationality)
    • An Extraterrestial Lifeform
    • AI-Controlled Robots

    Places of Combat, choose a country and then one its towns or 2 towns country

    • Australia and choose a place, town, city or cities
      • Cairns
      • Brisbane
      • Perth
      • Hobart
      • Kangaroo Island
    • New Zealand and choose the area
      • Wellington
      • Auckland
    • Antarctica
      • South Pole
    • Ireland
      • Dublin
      • Galway
      • Belfast
    • Japan
      • Tokyo
      • Hiroshima
    • A Futuristic Mars or another Futuristic Planet

    Playable character nationality and rank

    First 3 or 2 choices since there's always more then one character in COD

    • Australian Major (There is no other Major rank in AD…
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