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  • Stealth Cl0wn

    I've not been here in ages, and fuck me, it feels as if it hasn't changed a bit. Anyway, for those that spoke to me before MW3 was released, you'd know that I was skeptical of it. I trashed it constantly. "More guns, you say? It won't save it" "Survival mode? BAH, horde rip off" "Campaign? Bah, same old shit"

    How wrong I was... so very wrong...

    Let me start off with the Campaign. My initial suspicions were the simple "Oh, it'll be the same shit as the past 3 games!" shit. So you can imagine my surprise when the first mission opened with the words "RPG!" and a blurry awakening in downtown New York City. Instantly I took a liking to the updated lighting, as it makes the game …

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  • Stealth Cl0wn

    Aye, so, since MW3 is coming out this year I decided I might as well sign in again and become active.

    I had actually been trying to sign in for weeks, but had forgotten my password.


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  • Stealth Cl0wn


    February 12, 2011 by Stealth Cl0wn

    For about a week.


    I now have Xbox Live (Insert woo here) so... yeah, add me sometime. My GT is IPuntChickens

    Yes, it's spelt exactly like that, with the capitals in the right place.

    Only add me if you have Black Ops, Halo: Reach, Red Dead Redemption, Borderlands, Dead Space 2, or Assassins Creed: Brotherhood

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  • Stealth Cl0wn

    Let's face it. Nearly every single person in this goddamned internet is thinking this: "Black Ops will be fucking awesome".

    I disagree heavily.

    Let me start with this: Treyarch had a lot to build on to make BO better than MW2. The most obvious one, is the inclusion of the all-time favourite, Zombies. Yes, Zombies. Which pretty much turned out to be a wave-survival game with dull objectives and same-old-same-old gameplay. Nothing special AT ALL. Wolfenstein had Nazi Zombies, which were also entertaining as hell, yet said game is ANCIENT. In BO, I was at LEAST hoping for something different. Not just different characters or maps, but different GAMEPLAY. Maybe some objectives, or maybe even different variants of Zombies, like a mode where the z…

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  • Stealth Cl0wn

    I'm Alive, Never Again and Indestructible.

    So... What did I miss?

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