Let's face it. Nearly every single person in this goddamned internet is thinking this: "Black Ops will be fucking awesome".

I disagree heavily.

Let me start with this: Treyarch had a lot to build on to make BO better than MW2. The most obvious one, is the inclusion of the all-time favourite, Zombies. Yes, Zombies. Which pretty much turned out to be a wave-survival game with dull objectives and same-old-same-old gameplay. Nothing special AT ALL. Wolfenstein had Nazi Zombies, which were also entertaining as hell, yet said game is ANCIENT. In BO, I was at LEAST hoping for something different. Not just different characters or maps, but different GAMEPLAY. Maybe some objectives, or maybe even different variants of Zombies, like a mode where the zombies explode when killed or you only have a bowie knife etc. Let me draw a comparison with the Halo series Firefight game mode. In the ODST expansion for Halo 3, Firefight was a simple game-mode where you survived against waves of increasingly different enemies. Just like zombies. In Halo: Reach, they overhauled Firefight, gave it several different variants, and allowed you to customize your own modes. Black Ops? Just a copy-paste job from WaW with some different weapons and maps. That's all. Worth it? I think not.

Now, about the multiplayer. From what we've all seen, it is almost literally a copy-paste of the old CoD gameplay. Wager Match will just bring out bitching, and doesn't really bring out ANYTHING totally unique. Also, why restrict modes like Sharpshooter and Gun Game to Wager Match? Why not make them integrated, proper game modes? Onto the next, "big selling point" of multiplayer: The currency system. Basically, Treyarch are planning on "balancing" this game by forcign players to spend hours raking up CoDPoints, only to discover some other asshole has already bought a G11. The system is invalidated by the idea of having to buy WEAPONS in the first place. They should of restricted it to just clothing, and used CoDPoints for levelling up. Now? Now we're gonna get stories like "Some asshole kicked me because he had an AUG and I can't afford one". This isn't MW2's pointless bitching, this is legitimate bitching.

Now for the one thing that really makes me RAGE: Combat Training. I saw this and thought to myself, "FUCK YEAH!" at the promise of offline multiplayer with bots. Treyarch said this for "Players to get used to multiplayer before going up against human opponents". In simpler terms: "Online or gtfo". WHAT. THE. FUCK is the point of having an ONLINE ONLY mode with bots when you can fight against dummies in any online match? They could of at least integrated them with the actual MP and used them to fill empty spaces in games, sort of like Counter-Strike, GoW2 or Section 8. But no, they resticted to online only and basically killed the point of Combat Training. Dumbshits.

Finally: Treyarch say they "Listen to the community" WAY too much. In human terms, this means that newfags are going to report people they don't like and Treyarch will be like "OMFGZORZ BAN NAO NAO NAO!". Expect lots and lots and LOTS of bitching. IW didn't listen to the community, yet people still were addicted to their games, and the prospect of hackers and boosters could EASILY be countered by anyone with two brain cells to rub together. But no, Treyarch think "NOES! COMMUNITY COME FIRST!" If IW did that MW2 would be 2x as shitty. Think about that. IW's "Money first, community later" policy was shit, yes, but they still succeeded in raking in a profit AND keeping a steady supply of gamers to suck dry of money.

That is all.