Yes, another one. I really need suggestions NAO. Until then...

Top 5 Epic Videogame Characters. Ever

5. Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell)

Sure, we have Ninja characters, Cowboy characters and Schizophrenic Transvestite characters, but at Number 5 in the epic character list we have Sam Fisher. He sneaks around in the dark, kills bad guys and has night/thermal/electric vision goggles which make stalking fun...

However, in the series latest outing, Conviction, Sam became Jack Bauer, complete with swearing, face-smashing and awesome kills. Still not a problem though.

4. Captain MacMillan (Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare)

Awesome quotes. Check. Awesome skills. Check. Ghillie suit. Check. The only problem is that he has a Scottish accent but doesn't speak Scottish enough. You can already guess why he's here. >_>

3. Rico Rodriguez (Just Cause)

The accent is annoying, but this guy pulls off stunts so insane it'll make your nipples turn to mush. Including base jumps from moving planes about to explode, using explosive barrels as makeshift jetpacks etc.

2. Bass.EXE (Megaman Battle Network)

Bass has several hundred awesome moves, and provides the series "Recurring boss", while also being a frustrating one at that. In few of his appearances, he has a LifeAura, which deflects 75% of your attacks, forcing you to either A) Raqequit or B) Prepare.

1. Albert Wesker (Resident Evil)

Yup. Wesker. He has epic virus-induced powers, lifts people off the gorund, punchs through chests, runs at lightning speed, has epic quotes, a strangely epic british accent, and an epic Beretta 92F custom Samurai Edge.

Disagree with these choices? Then piss of and make your own. >_>