I've not been here in ages, and fuck me, it feels as if it hasn't changed a bit. Anyway, for those that spoke to me before MW3 was released, you'd know that I was skeptical of it. I trashed it constantly. "More guns, you say? It won't save it" "Survival mode? BAH, horde rip off" "Campaign? Bah, same old shit"

How wrong I was... so very wrong...

Let me start off with the Campaign. My initial suspicions were the simple "Oh, it'll be the same shit as the past 3 games!" shit. So you can imagine my surprise when the first mission opened with the words "RPG!" and a blurry awakening in downtown New York City. Instantly I took a liking to the updated lighting, as it makes the game look more better, and there's much less black, gray yellow and brown in this game as opposed to Modern Warfare 2. From there? The Campaign got better. Assaults on Russian submarines, frantic evacuation from a mountain (As the ever-so-popular Task Force 141, lead by Price, still), and an incredibly interesting mission playing as a bodyguard for the Russian President whilst on a plane getting hijacked. Think THAT'S good? Gets better than that. I won't spoil the rest for you, but the twists in Blood Brothers made Yuri my favorite character to date, and the ending brings a sense of closure that I haven't felt since the ending to Resident Evil 5.

Now there's Co-Op. Spec Ops is back with it's missions, and while they're interesting, I couldn't give less of a flying fuck about the missions. The highlight of this game (Aside from the part where a certain enemy gets chokeslammed and hung simultaneously through a glass ceiling) is Survival Mode. In Survival Mode, you're pitted against waves of varying enemies. Initially, all you need to put up with is suicide bombers, attack dogs, choppers and the infamous Juggernauts. But upon ascending to a higher tier, things become much more difficult. Chemical Warfare, Riotshield Juggernauts and Armored Juggernauts soon become a deadly threat. Did I mention there's an enemy that plants fucking claymores around the map in places where you don't fucking expect it? Yes, there is. Did I ALSO mention that the enemies upgrade their equipment as time goes by? By Wave 15 and up, the enemies are carrying FADs and wearing armor that makes them require THREE FUCKING KNIFE STRIKES TO TAKE DOWN. Maybe more, I dare not check.

Now on to what most of you will have been waiting for; The multiplayer. It's still CoD underneath the new additions, but I want to point out that the new Kill Confirmed game mode is highly enjoyable, to levels unheard of before in a CoD game. The map layout allows campers to be taken down if simple thought is put into your approach. Some of the new weaponry is enjoyable to wield. Several of my favorite weapons (Including the FN Five-seveN pistol) have been added, and it brings me untold joy to wield them in the holy crusade against pre-pubescent twelve year olds. Though obliterating them with the now returning G36C rifle is a beautiful feeling.

Honorable mention to the soundtrack, which is part of what made the Campaign amazing to play.


Farewell, my friends, enemies, and morons that I don't plan to meet. -Nelo