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    Now, I want to explain a couple of potential training and camping spots that I have found whilst playing both SoE and The Giant. Now, the Giant is less likely to be new information, but there are a few I have found. SoE, on the other hand, is a completely different story.

    There are a couple of potential spots effective for different strategies that I see no one use. These include:

    Open the High Street in the Footlight District. Go up past the Kuda wallbuy, and back to the Exo-entrance (a door that cannot be rebuilt as a barrier, used by Zombies to enter the map). A potential user of this spot would need to watch that opening, but it comes as an easy way to gain early round points. Do not use on Margwas or Meatballs.

    Leave the Rift gate closed…

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  • SteveHeist

    Zombies Poll 1: Weapons

    December 9, 2015 by SteveHeist

    I am feeling a little bit bored, so I have decided to land my poll a few days early. I guess... here goes nothing.

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  • SteveHeist

    Now, as we know, Der Eisendrachen has been confirmed to be DLC 1 for Call of Duty: Black Ops III. This map is set in the Hohenwerfen Castle in Austria. The castle itself, however, has a dark history that I think may be exploited slightly in the map itself.

    The castle was built somewhere between 1705 and '08 of the same year. The original owner at this time was one Archbishop Gebhard of Salzberg. As time went on, the Wikipedia page I pulled this information on states that it eventually became a POW prison for the Austrians. However, this is not all that I wish to touch on.

    According to my father, a huge history buff (he actually was studying to become a history teacher at one point), the Wikipedia article is actually off. He states that it wa…

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  • SteveHeist

    Test Poll

    November 30, 2015 by SteveHeist
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  • SteveHeist

    Now, before we get too far, I wish to state that I mark Rotations based on Treyarch titles, considering CoD 3 was the first game to start the Rotations system up.

    The Rotation the past three years has been eventful and seems to have had a profound effect on the franchise going into Black Ops 3.

    Black Ops 2:

    With the continuation of Treyarch's Black Ops Saga came many upgrades to the franchise that have stuck from then on.

    Firstly, the introduction of customizable Campaign loadouts was revolutionary, and an easy way to add replayability to a relatively mediocre campaign.

    The Pick 10 system debuted here and I personally disliked it. The limitations cause problems with trying to build amazing loadouts, but with the introduction of Wildcards allowi…

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