Hi i am here to say a few simple words about the word noob. this is a short blog and i am gonna answer any questions.Now for the main topic.The word noob is a word that should be used for Runescape and world of warcraft, but ive started to notice its use in call of duty.Noob is a word not to be used with call of duty or anything war or military.Its a medieval games word not pisses me off hearing noob with this stuff thats military.I am an ex Army Ranger who is now on leave and planning to get into Delta Force. while i was in Iraq i said to my best friend Sean O'Brien,what do you think of the word noob being used with Military. He said he didnt care but it sounds stupid.But the thing that i found completley retarded out of anything was when i was watching a scene from Saving Private Ryan.It was the medics death scene and i checked the comments and saw one person talking about how the machine gunner hit only one target and i said how at long range while people are in separet directions and in zigzags that youd have to be really good to hit someone and he said "no its easy to hit someone that machine gunners just a noob".so thats when i started this rant.please comment or ask questions and ill gladly answer them.i know its just a game but a word that should replace noob is virgin because when me and the other recruits whent to iraq the soldiers who had been there a while called us that because we were combat virgins not sex virgins

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