• You unlock it at level 4;

which means it will ALWAYS be there when you need it and if you struggle getting to level 4 you need to learn how to play this game. This also means that you can complete challenges very early, I had Fall camo + larger mags at level 22

  • Bullets spat out every 0.9576-second squeeze of R2;

the M4 fires as fast as you will ever want it to so you have a firepower advantage over someone that is using any other assault rifle, unless that dude is using an FN 2000, which he won't because that gun is a bitch.

  • Firing sound

I don't know about you, but the M4 sounds like a full-auto Hammer of Thor when you unleash it on an unlucky sniper probably called XzXzXzXzXzXzX!!SuP4HHZnyPA!!XzXzXzXzXzXzX (made that up) from all the way across the map or just on anyone you encounter.

  • Helpful recoil

It is strange as the recoil actually helps you headshot baddies, it slowly creeps up the picture of the baddie in the ironsight and you land headshots way more frequently than usual, which is why I got the Fall at level 22.

  • Good Old Days

I started out as a noob playing COD 4 2 years ago, and when I used the M4 it was the reason for my first ever helicopter (YAY!) and I fell in love with it. Call me a noob, but I will ALWAYS prefer the M4 over anything else when given the choice. The other 'superior' assault rifles are good guns (except for the FN 2000) but they don't fill the shoes my M4 always does.


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