Alright so before I begin I want to confirm that this is not the explanation blog I originally planned. The reason was because two people suggested not to do it, and after putting their suggestions into consideration I've come to the decision to cancel the original explanation blog.

So I wanted to apologize for these huge debates I've been starting up in the comment sections in a few recent blogs. While I know it's been a day since the more recent events, but looking back at it I do admit I did make no sense in most of the points I tried to make. All it really did was waste other people's time when they have more important things to do, and just made myself look like an ass. I do think that yeah I was being untactical, and didn't help prove my points. I feel the main reason was that I was trying a bit too hard to make my points, and I only blundered in the process. I will admit that I'm starting to be a bit more open in the some (not all) of the arguments people made, but let's not digress. So basically I wanted to apologize for potentially wasting people's time. Now I'm not trying to say debates and expressing your opinions are bad, but I feel I could've handled things much better. So in the end sorry for any trouble, and I'll try to do better in the future. Thank you for reading and goodbye.

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