Hello everyone Super Gamer Ghost here, and I have finally returned from my "kinda" long hiatus, and the reason why I've chosen to make a blog about this, is to explain what I've been up to lately, and what I plan on doing differently here on the "Call of Duty Wiki". So let's begin shall we?


So as many of you may have guessed already, is that two months ago, dating back to April, I've been somewhat of a controversial person on here. Basically I would instigate long heated debates in the comment section on various blog posts, mainly regarding Infinite Warfare, and lets just say they were for lack of a better term, a "clusterfuck". One of the main problem contributing to that was me. I failed to explain things properly, and became over passionate about the subject, which resulted in other users missing the original point I was initially trying to get across, and made me look like an "ass". I also felt it wasted both mine, and everyone else involved's time. I did eventually recognize this, and made a blog apologizing for that, but despite the apology I continued starting heated arguments that were a waste of time to begin with. The last argument I ignited was on a blog post discussing the Infinite Warfare gameplay from Sony's "E3 Press Conference", and it started calm at first, but slowly descended into a madhouse, and I blame myself for that, because as in previous arguments I failed to properly explain what I was trying to get across, which caused others to miss my entire point.

There was another argument I did get into during that period, but it was not a usual comment section argument on a random blog, instead it was an "edit war" surrounding the quantity of a few photos I uploaded. It eventually did get resolved (i.e. voting poll), but just like the comment sections, I did a poor job at explaining my side of the argument while it was still ongoing.

After all of that, I decided to take a break, as I began getting stressed out having to reply to the multiple long replies I was receiving in the debates. Now keep in mind I'm not trying to blame the people who I was arguing with for my stress that resulted in my hiatus, I'm just saying it was hard to reply to the multiple long comments, and that's why I became stressed, and I mainly blame myself for my stress because of my poor explanations, and being ill-prepared to reply to the long comments.

Now I'm sure there will be people in the comment sections (including those I argued with), telling me not to be too hard on myself, and I while that's fine, and greatly appreciated, I feel I do have some responsibility in the situations I just talked about.

I also want to go on record and say I don't think debates are bad, and in fact sometimes they're healthy for the subject being discussed, and can help others form a better opinion on the topic at hand. I just felt the way these ones turned out did nothing positive, and were just multi-day arguments that only served to waste the time of everyone associated.


So now lets discuss what I did during my hiatus. Now I'm not going to dive into subjects that are very personal, I'm just going to discuss the "normal" things I did, and I'm also not trying to boast about the activities I participated in either. So let's begin.

During the very start of my hiatus, I came across the "Dead Rising Wiki", I already knew it existed, but I was curious on it's current condition, and it looked very mediocre when I checked on it. No offense to the wiki, I'm not trying to bash it, but it looked very half-assed, and the activity just feels very "dead". If you want to see it for yourself, then here you go. And like I mentioned, I'm not trying to bash it, I'm sure there are hard working users on there, I just think it needs to step up.

The day after I began my break, my friend and I went to the "art museum" to hang out, and check out the exhibits. We started at the exterior sections of museum, but we eventually traveled to the interiors as well. I recalled one moment where we went into a room that contained a very creepy life sized art figure, and I did not attempt to walk up to it, but my friend did, and all I can say is she's more braver than me. We ended it off with sharing memes with each other, and oh boy we found some very cringy ones. Overall it was a fun experience.

During the period of my hiatus (sorry if I'm overusing the term) I also started playing my Xbox One again, in which I didn't play in awhile before my hiatus. I started playing games like Dying Light, Battlefield 4, and Black Ops 3 again. I also bought and started playing Tekken Tag Tournament 2 after it was added to the backwards compatibility list, I also downloaded Red Dead Redemption when it was added a few weeks ago.

I've been keeping up with stories surrounding Pokemon: Go, and the most disturbing one I found was when a streamer witnessed a murder at a "Pokestop" near a church. I'm aware that the developers behind it are trying to fix the problems with the app, but I don't think that will do much to stop these crazy events from occurring.

I saw the trailers for the new Black Ops 3 DLC Descent. It looks interesting, I did see gameplay on Gorod Krovi, and it looks kind of small, but I'll have to play it to determine the size for myself. I do hope the entire DLC in-general is an improvement on the last two DLCs.

So overall not to much happened, but the hiatus was long in my opinion.

The Future

So now I'm going to discuss the things I plan on improving on in the future.

First off when I get into a debate I'm going to do a better job at explaining what I'm trying to get across, and also provide some sources in my claims, which is also something I failed to do in the past. I also plan on being a bit more polite in my replies, as there were times where I felt I was being rude in previous debates. I also plan on being more prepared to answer multiple long replies compared to what I used to be.

I plan on making sure the quality and quantity of the photos I upload are more improved, as I don't want to get into edit wars regarding them, and plus I also want the photos to be up to standards in-general so that readers can get a good impression of what the photo's are trying to represent.


To sum it all up not much happened in my hiatus, but I did find it long, and I want to improve in various areas on the wiki. So yeah thank you for reading, and it's good to be back!

Blog Question: What was your longest hiatus, and why?

I'm Super Gamer Ghost signing out.

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