So Sledgehammer confirmed there would be a third game mode for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, but it won't be zombies. So I had a idea/opinion on what it should be, I thought it should be a game mode that is 4 player co-op (1 player if you're playing solo). It would be about the players having to fight off mutants, and there would be 25 rounds/wave of the these mutants (they will come across bosses), and at the end the players have to escape and get on the helicopter in time before it leaves, and any player who doesn't get on it in time will get left behind, also if none of the players get to the chopper in time will result in a mission failure. Another way to get a mission failure if all the players die. If a player takes a certain amount of damage they'll go down (They'll instantly die if playing solo), and another player will have to revive them before they die. If a player dies while other players are alive then that player will spectate another player in the match (They'll be able to switch who they spectate). The players will start off with a handgun in every match, but will be able to scavenge weapons, grenades, and other types of equipment that will aid them in the fight. Players will also be able to level up/rank up, and customize there characters. They'll also be able to customize the perks they get and unlock new ones as they level up/rank up. Players will also be able to prestige and earn extra rewards. Now the back story for this game mode, is that scientists were testing on a virus that would mutate humans and animals in to dangerous creatures. However the virus got released by accident and a lot of humans and animals were mutating in to creatures. Your character is the one of the last few humans left trying to survive. So that's what it think the third game mode should be for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Thanks for reading!

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