Yeah here I go again with another one of these. Today I'm going to give you my three favorite Call of Duty games out of all the ones I've played so far.

#3 Call of Duty: Black Ops II

BO2 RP Boxart

So Call of Duty: Black Ops II manage to be the first on my list. While the single-player campaign was a step down when it came to story. It was still fun to play because of the multiple endings allowing replay value and the custom loadouts was a cool new addition to the mode. The missions were indeed fun even if some sections were a bit cheesy. Overall while it may not be the best campaign it was still fun.

The multiplayer is where my love of the game was the strongest. It was a fun MP. The maps were very fun to play on despite if some of their designs were a bit unrealistic *cough*Magma*cough*. My favorite map is either Mirage or Raid. What made them fun was there layout and small size, plus I had a lot of good moments on them. My favorite firearm in the game was the M27, and I was so happy when I had finally unlocked it. I remember during the 3rd DLC's release I was tearing people up with my second favorite firearm the AN-94. I remember a match on Cove I was hanging out in the back shooting anyone that came into my area, as well as getting some good hits with my Shock Charges. Overall the MP as very fun and was the one I played the most out of any.

Zombies was fun a experience. While TranZit was a terrible map, the maps got better as the DLCs started rolling out. My two favorite maps were Die Rise and Mob of the Dead. I felt the maps were the most enjoyable and I had great moments on them. What made Die Rise fun the most was things like building the Sliquifier to building the Trample Steam. Mob of the Dead had a lot going for it. Electric Cherry, Icarus, Hell's Retriever, and the Blundergat. I also thought this zombies mode added some cool new features such as crafting items (combo weapons) and the one and only Ray Gun Mark II. To sum it up Zombies was fun on Black Ops II, and it really showed, even if things were starting to get a bit too ridiculous.

#2 Call of Duty: Black Ops

CoD Black Ops cover

Call of Duty: Black Ops is the second on this list. The campaign was very enjoyable, and had the best plot so far. I like how they went to the cold war era instead of the 21st century or WWII, that made it different from others in some way. Also I liked how they went to historical events like the "Bay of Pigs Invasion" and the "Vietnam War". The best mission was either S.O.G. or Numbers. In the end I really enjoyed the campaign. It was well done.

The multiplayer was damn good. It was very fun to play and my best moment was on Firing Range where I was hiding out in the building facing the large middle building taking out everyone with my Galil. The best map in my opinion was Firing Range. It was just the most enjoyable to play. While things like the FAMAS and Ghost could be a nuisance it still managed to be very fun. I think Treyarch did their best to balance how much peope died and killed each other. Overall the MP was enjoyable period.

Zombies is where this game shined. While some maps were a bit silly such as "Five" and Call of the Dead. It still manage to be great experience. I like how they brought back the World at War maps and Moon was very fun even if it was a bit too silly. My best moments wer on Der Riese. Just making it far with Pack-a-Punch weapons was very fun. I remember playing on Kino der Toten with randoms and we made it to Round 32. While I was behind everyone it was still fun, and there were times I was just running around the map like a psycho with a horde chasing behind me. In the end Zombies was fun on Black Ops and was the best zombies experience so far.

#1 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 cover

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was the best period. While the campaign may have been short and may have not have had the best story. It was the funnest one to play. Missions like Of Their Own Accord or Whiskey Hotel were very enjoyable to play. No Russian was a very dark yet good mission. Rather it was just there to shock players or not it really did have an impact. One of the funnest sections was in Loose Ends were you're protecting the DSM. While it could be annnoying in harder difficulties it was very fun in Recruit diffculty. Overall MW2's campaign was the best even if the story wasn't all that great or if it was short.

While I'am one of the few that didn't overplay the MP. It was still a lot of fun. Maps like Scrapyard and Favela were great examples of this or that it was more camper friendly. While it wasn't the most balanced, it still manage to earn a special place in many of our hearts. My best moment was in Scrapyard were I was camping in one of the buildngs taking out everyone with my SCAR-H, and anyone who would try to take my position would only be mowed down by my AA-12. Also trying to get to that one high position with the teddy bears on Highrise with friends were good moments. Or doing a 1v1 with a friend on Rust. Overall while I didn't overplay the MP like most others I still played and enjoyed it.

Special Ops was fine addition to the game. Most of the missions were very fun with the best beign Breach & Clear. While it's overlooked by many I felt it was a great new game mode and trying to beat the missions on harder difficulties were a lot of fun. One of my best moments was trying to beat O Cristo Redentor on "Hardened". Summing it up Special Ops was fun and I wish they could bring it back in future games.

Honorable Mentions


There you go my three favorite Call of Duty games in my opinion. Give my your opinions in the comments. Thank you and goodbye.

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