So I've been meaning to make this for quite some time now, but never got to it. So here it is. "The Top 5 Worst Zombies Maps in My Opinion". Leave your opinions in the comment sections. Enjoy!

#5 Shangri-La


Shangri-La could've been something special, but instead it fell face first in a bucket of terrible map layout and annoying enemies. So where do I begin? Well lets start with the layout and size. The layout as mentioned is really bad. It feels like they rushed it, and it's small in my opinion, and I've talked about in the past that I prefer big maps, or at least I think I have.

The enemies on the other hand are annoying, and don't fit the CQC gameplay this map provides. The monkeys were annoying mainly because I don't want to chase after them for a power-up when there's a horde of walking corpses in my prereferral. The Napalm Zombies may have been easy to kill, but they were annoying when they suicided bombed themselves because their fire could block paths that you may need to enter if the others are filled with "Walkers". The Shrieker Zombies were annoying because your vision could get distorted when you're trying to deal with a horde of the undead, and we all know you could die easily from that. The Shrieker Zombies could've been great if they were in a map that doesn't have CQC gameplay, but instead their legacy was tainted because they were put into a map that doesn't support the gameplay needed for them.

Overall Shangri-La was a disaster, but at least it's better than the other ones we're gonna bring up.

#4 Call of the Dead

Call of the Dead Zombie Map Select Menu Picture

Call of the Dead oh my where do I begin with this madness? First I'm going to start with "George". What were they thinking? This boss is so annoying and so ridiculous it just ruins the map. This maps' a CQC map and George doesn't support that gameplay. He's hard to kill, he follows you, if you do attack him he'll go bezerk and you'll have to take him to the water, and I don't want to do that when there's horde on my tail.

The Pack-a-Punch system sucks. Having it spawn in randon sections that are annoying to fight in, Treyarch did you actually think that was smart?

The layout in my opininon was also lacking. They didn't do a good job with it period.

The box spawns were bad of course. Yeah I totally want to head to the back of the ship which is usually crowded 3arc good job that was totally not stupid.

The VR-11 was crap period. It was an intersting idea, but executed poorly.

By the way the fog was terrible.

Overall they had good ideas but executed them poorly.

#3 "Five"

Five Zombie Map Select Menu Picture

"Five" was awful. Mainly because the map had a poor layout. They tried to put in CQC gameplay, but in the end failed badly. It was too crowded to even play in, and the Pentagon Thief was a stupid idea that a infant could come up with a better idea. The defcon could be annoying when you're trying to fight a large group of zombies, and the perk spawns were awful. There isn't much to say tha other that it sucked badly.

#2 Shadows of Evil

Shadows of Evil Menu Icon BOIII

Shadows of Evil the map may be new, but it's already made us angry and want to ask the devs what did they do? Just like the three other maps it had CQC gameplay but did poorly. None of the bossess fit the map's CQC gameplay. The Margwas are should be for more wide open spaces not tight ones. The meatballs were very annoying and the map isn't big, which sucks because they said it would be ten times larger than previous maps, but it wasn't. Trying to get pack-a-punch was annoying and made it less fun. The new zombie AI also screwed the map over, this new AI isn't CQC freindly at all. The new wonder weapon was also annoying to get mainly because you had to kill a Margwa for the first part, and the others are by chance, which the chances are very slim. In the end it made many promises pre-launch, but didn't live up to them post-launch.

#1 TranZit

TranZit lobby BOII

TranZit may be a obvious choice, but for good reason. It feels like a poorly made custom map. The map was poor with many things.

One of the things they screwed up in were enemies. The denizens were annoying, the idea was cool, but done badly. The avagdro was annoying because I don't want to deal with it in a horde.

The features were poor. The fog was awful. Buildable power really 3arc? The Pack-a-Punch system was awful, just trying to keep that turbine up was very hard and having to build it is stupid, what if there's a horde and I need PAP badly but have to build it, and sure the parts aren't hard to find, but what if there's "Walkers" were one of the parts at? The new wonder weapon was very bad period. Having to build it was a hassel, and knowing it overheats quickly makes it useless.

Character dialog was also bad, nuff said.

Dishonorable Mention

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