American Zombies

I already did make a "Top 5 Zombies Maps" blog, but over the course of time I've changed my mind on my top 5 maps. So here it is "The Top 5 Zombis Maps 2.0". Enjoy!

#5 Ascension


Ascension was a very cool map. The map had a errie tone, and the layout was very good. What makes this map very cool is the way to open up Pack-A-Punch. Which we all know is to use the three lunar launchers to get the rocket to take off, and given the fact the map allows you to blow up the rocket is even cooler. The two new Perk a Colas PHD Flopper and Stamin Up were great new additions and were very useful. The two new wonder weapons the Gersch Device and the Matryoshka Dolls were pretty cool. While they're not the most powerful they can still be useful, and are still fun to just use in general. The Sickle was cool despite just being a re-skinned Bowie Knife, but nonetheless it did fit the setting of the map. What makes this map special is that it was the first (not counting the "Fly Trap easter egg) map to introduce an actual easter egg mission, which is a feature were so accustomed to now a days. The Easter Egg song was great and the Game Over song was good. While the Space Monkeys were obnoxious they still were an interesting and creepy idea for an enemy. Overall Ascension gets a lot right, and is very fun to play.

#4 Moon

Moon screen earth

While Moon was bit unrealistic, it still managed to harbor a errie feel. The "Area 51" starting room was cool as it was fun to challenge yourself to see how long you could last there. The antigravity feature was also a cool new addition, as it could help you at times when things started to get rough. The hacking device was fun to use, and that MP5K easter egg for it was silly. The QED could be useful at times, sure you could get screwed over by it, but when you got free weapons, power ups, etc. It became a fun thing to use. The Zap Gun or Wave Gun, was yet another fun new addition. Mainly giving how it inflates zombies as the wave gun was pretty brutal. While Mule Kick isn't like a super awesome perk, it was still good to use it for a third weapon. The easter egg was a bit insane, but still good. The Bio-Domes in my opinion and many others was the best section of the map, the pads were fun to use and, it was a cool area in-general, and it was good for training zombies. To sum it up Moon may not be to realistic, but it still provides fun gameplay for players to enjoy.

#3 Die Rise

Great Leap Forward Die Rise BOII

This might be a controversial pick, but I felt Die Rise deserves this spot. While it may have some flaws such as it can be easy at times, and the Easter Egg song wasn't that great, it still did things right in my eyes. First off the dark and gritty feel of the map was really good. I also enjoyed the new buldiables like the trample steam, and the new wonder weapon the Sliquifier were fine new additions. While many like to say it's overpowered, I feel it has features that help this problem that not many acknowledge, and that is it still runs out off ammo. While it may not seem like much it can still help a bit with keeping the player from feeling like a god, plus you can't Pack-A-Punch, so that also helps with balance. The new enemies were cool a new feature, despite the fact they re-use the Nova Crawlers' models, they were still a cool new addition. The elevator system was cool, while waiting for perks could be annoying, using the elevators to get out of a invaded section was what made them shine in my opinion. Die Rise may not be perfect, but it was still great, and redeemed zombies after TranZit.

#2 Der Riese

Der Riese menu icon WaW

Der Riese was a really great and important map to zombies. It added in the Pack-A-Punch system we're all used to today, as well as introduced the infamous Monkey Bomb. What made Der Riese really cool was teleporter feature, it was useful for quick escape, despite it not being to realistic. The Die Glock fly trap easter egg was a cool little feature. The layout by itself was really great. The easter egg song and game over song were really good, and the radios were cool, just given the fact it lets you know what happened there. The Hellhounds being able to spawn with the zombies was cool new twist as well. Overall Der Riese was a great in many ways, but isn't number one.

#1 Mob of the Dead

Salvatore DeLuca MotD BOII

The number one pick is Mob of the Dead. This map was awesome period. It brought great new features such as the Blundergat and the Acidgat, plus given how you could Pack-A-Punch both of them was great. It's much more mature and gritty tone was another thing it got right. The plot was very good. The plane system was a cool way to get to Pack-A-Punch. Afterlife was brilliant in my mind, and the box design as well as the new PAP camo were really cool and fits the map very well. I thought the characters were great, and their voice actors did a brilliant job. Where this map shines the most is the fact there's a lot to do, such as getting hells retriver and upgrading it to building the plane. Electric Cherry was a great new perk, and in my opinion is the best so far, and the new boss was a great new addition. Mob of the Dead overall did many things right and is the best zombies map to date. I don't think we'll get a map as great as this anytime soon.

Honorable Mentions

Summing things up.

There you have it, the top 5 zombies maps 2.0. Thanks for Reading and Bye!

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