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Commie Clan Blog

Hi everyone. This is my first ever Blog so don't expect anything amazing. My Clan is called the Commie Clan and we are always recruiting people who want to join a Clan but maybe don't like quickscoping enough to join a Clan like Optics or Pure. Basically, we are NOT a Quickscoping/Trickshotting clan. neither are we a riot shielding clan. We just enjoy playing the game and if you wish to join send me a message (SFC B41L3Y 97) and we will organise some sort of trial for you. Currently we are yet to get rolling as a clan but, with a few new recruits, we hope to get started soon. It is not necessary for you to have Communist views to join the clan, however they do help. :) Thanks for reading my first Blog post and I hope to get a message from you soon.

CommiexCastro (Me) - Clan Leader

CommiexGuevara - Co-leader

CommiexLenin - Explosives/Tac Knives

CommiexStalin - 3 Round Burst

Our clantag is USSR and we operate only on XBox 360.

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