Hi everyone. This is my first ever Blog so don't expect anything amazing. My Clan is called the Commie Clan and we are always recruiting people who want to join a Clan but maybe don't like quickscoping enough to join a Clan like Optics or Pure. Basically, we are NOT a Quickscoping/Trickshotting clan. neither are we a riot shielding clan. We just enjoy playing the game and if you wish to join send me a message (SFC B41L3Y 97) and we will organise some sort of trial for you. Currently we are yet to get rolling as a clan but, with a few new recruits, we hope to get started soon. It is not necessary for you to have Communist views to join the clan, however they do help. :) Thanks for reading my first Blog post and I hope to get a message from you soon.

CommiexCastro (Me) - Clan Leader

CommiexGuevara - Co-leader

CommiexLenin - Explosives/Tac Knives

CommiexStalin - 3 Round Burst

Our clantag is USSR and we operate only on XBox 360.

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