Map pack

As you most likely know, the new BO map pack, First strike came out on February 1st. Kowloon, Discovery, Stadium and Berlin Wall will be featured along with the new zombie map, Ascension. The map looks great because of new perks and weapons. But I had an idea, more people probably had the same idea, A map pack featuring zombie mode. It would feature 3 new zombie maps along with something new, a map editor. These are some ideas.

Map Editor Ideas:

  • Being able to pick a map and edit freely. Example picking a map you will think good for zombies like Hanoi and editing with the tools below.
  • Picking weapons to put on walls with the price from the game.
  • Where to place doors/debris and picking a price depending on what it would lead to.
  • Mystery box placement and what guns are in it. Min amount of guns 15 and Max 30.
  • Teleporters or other quick transport methods to be place and where they lead.(ziplines, lunar landers, elevators)
  • The power.
  • Traps.
  • Where zombies break in.
  • What type of Zombies you can face.

I hope you like my ideas and please leave comments about your opinons and thoughts and please give as many suggestions as you can. Thank you :).

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