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  • Sycorabbit

    no more bages

    August 4, 2010 by Sycorabbit

    i hate the new bages because when ever you do something someone accuses you of boosting so what is ur insite

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  • Sycorabbit

    tf141 fanfic

    July 5, 2010 by Sycorabbit

    iam making a fanfiction of the other task force members that were hunted by sheperd so if u want a character for it leave one on this blog. if u know about bumblebeeprime09s fanfic than make ur character dossiar just like u would on his weapon name,rank,team,pearsonality the only teams are shadow comp. and task force.

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  • Sycorabbit

    as u all know call of duty black ops is coming out and i wanna know what the people want to see (be practical plz)

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  • Sycorabbit

    when no russian stared I liked how u could be sorta "the bad guy" then the ending. i only wish there were at least a few more.

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