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A Slovak from Digital Warfare 24/7's forums has posted pictures of the disc, box and a little gameplay.

When asked what Green Run is, he answered: "There is a big map where you can choose which part of the map you want to play. If you choose Farm - Survival, it will be Green Run."

When asked what weapons he found in Zombies, he said there was an MP5, MK14 and an Olympia.

When asked about new enemies in Zombies he mentions "lurkers" that can be found in foggy areas, where they are invisible and jump on your face so you'll have to kill them with a melee attack.

He will be uploading some videos where he'll show gameplay in Multiplayer and Zombies as well as an unboxing in four hours. Stay tuned!

uSI2q.jpg 3wzRf.jpg kQyuA.jpg OSiF6.jpg jm7eA.jpg B9iIB.jpg a9wtG.jpg li0Na.jpg

Source: Black Ops 2 Hardened Edition Sold Early in Slovakia

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