I realise that the F2000 is often over looked, due to it's insane recoil and the fact that it hoovers up ammo like a Dyson on crack, but I quite like it. Personally, I think it's the best looking assault rifle, it's good for CQB (due to high fire rate), the red dot sight works during an EMP, and can be quite deadly in the right hands. I can't see how people use a ACOG or Thermal scope with it though. Normally, I use it in this class:

Primary: F2000 w/ red dot

Secondary: Either an AT4 HS, SPAS 12 w/ Grip, or Desert Eagle w/ Tactical Knife (depending on how I feel)

Equipment: Semtex

Tier 1 Perk: Scavenger

Tier 2 Perk: Stopping power

Tier 3 Perk: Steady Aim

Let me know what you guys think, and tell me any of your favourite F2000 classes.

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