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    Cuss-tom Class Names

    January 6, 2012 by THEROFLBOAT

    If there's one change I've noticed from Black Ops to MW3 is how lenient IW is with class names, seriously.

    Names that are acceptable.

    • Penis
    • Vag
    • Several racially offensive terms.
    • Molestation
    • Porn
    • Assault (this was blocked in BO)
    • Murder / Kill (same as above)
    • Child Pornagraphy
    • Treyarch
    • Robert Bowling
    • IW
    • Fag
    • Gay
    • Jew

    Come on now if IW actually lets you put down freaking Child Porno as a class name I don't know what can't!

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    Planned classes for MW3

    September 19, 2011 by THEROFLBOAT

    Hi there :3. Ever since the multiplayer details have been released at CoD:XP, I thought it would be cool to share what I think of using in my custom classes. Really, it's quite self-exaplanatory. I will not be covering guns due to the fact that I have NO IDEA what guns will suit me and how they changed. Instead, I will try to go over everything else like Perks, Killstreaks Pointstreaks, and Equipment. Without further ado...

    T1: Blind Eye

    T2: Assassin

    T3: Dead Silence

    Strike Package: Support

    L/T Grenades: Throwing Knives & Smoke Grenade

    Using this class you will not be able to be detected by anything unless visually seen. Although Dead Silence's effects are not 100% FULLY confirmed, I'll just assume it is the same from past games. Because this class i…

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